MPM Council is unpopular but needed: Gus Ipul

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, May 22, 2011 17:06 WIB

Malang-As the council focusing on the issue of community empowerment, particularly to help marginalized people, MPM had been running a variety of activities which were less popular, that public attention leads away as the results could not directly be felt even though it was very useful.

This was expressed by Vice Governor of East Java, Drs. Saefullah Yusuf, or friendly called Gus Ipul, when closing the National Congress and Dialogue on Community Empowerment Council (MPM) PP at campus Muhammadiyah University of Malang, Sunday (22 / 5).

Like the restaurant, MPM was a cook who fought for the empowerment of communities and help people from misery, although many people who did not see the actions of MPM. "Thus, I hope that this activity can be continued because the results can be an inspiration, especially for policy makers who concern marginalized people," explained Saefullah.

UMM Rector, Dr. Muhadjir Effendy mentioned that program conducted by MPM PP Muhammadiyah was closely tailored with the program in East Java. "Hopefully what comes out in the national congress will could be developed and adopted not only in East Java but also in other areas," he said. Muhadjir also said that UMM was very intense in running the community empowerment program in East Java, including cooperating with several agencies, including exploring the possibility of industry with overseas parties about empowering technologies that would benefit the society.

MPM chairman of Muhammadiyah Executive Board, Said Tuhuleley expressed that the activities of community empowerment was merely state responsibility, though it also included the responsibility of citizens. Therefore, the MPM had strategic roles in advocating people not benefited from the policy of the State through various activities in cooperation with various agencies. These activities were of the development of life skills cooperated with the ministry of national education, Agriculture Officials, and other agencies.

In addition, MPM played role in creating pro-poor Budgeting so that the budget could be used for construction which could also be utilized in meeting the needs of the poor.

(Trans by hm-uhamka)