Corruption, Main restriction of fight over poverty

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, May 22, 2011 13:08 WIB

Malang– Many of Indonesia state policies have triggered dark businesses for corruption that correlates with massive poverty. Corruption is also the main obstacle in eradicating poverty on a massive scale occurred in this country.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Busyro Muqoddas, in national congress and community dialogue themed "The rights of the poor in the midst of wide spread corruption and uncertainty of law" held by Council for Community Empowerment (MPM) PP Muhammadiyah, Saturday might (21 / 5) at Campus Muhammadiyah University of Malang.

According to him, the process of impoverishment experienced by today's society was systemically led by the corruptors who were given state power. "Besides, I alleged corruption done with confidence and calm by officials so that corruption is happening right now has a correlation with massive poverty," explained Busyro.

Busyro revealed that many state policies, in laws or regulations in the field of legal matter led to dark business triggering the activity of corruption that became one of the causes of massive poverty.

He also explained the current condition of Indonesia, where 70 million people in Indonesia every night were still living without electricity while 52.5% of energy consumption in this country was still heavily dependent on subsidies for fuel whereas 62 million kilo liter of fuel in 2005 spent nearly 20 % of National Budget. In the health aspect, two thirds of Indonesia's population still consumed less than 2,100 calories / day meaning that most of the people of Indonesia were still living below the poverty line standard. In addition, the provision of clean water nowadays only reached 9% of the total population of Indonesia as 50 million poor people in urban areas were lack access to clean water. "Natural damage also occurs in which 1.6 million hectares of forests in Indonesia is cleared each year. Not mentioning to the effect of the fires that resulted in 39% of natural habitats were also destroyed. Corruption was a major obstacle to eradicate poverty, "said Busyro.

For such reason, Busyro said that Muhammadiyah had strategic role in the empowerment of Higher Education and Secondary Schools through the application action, political advocacy, legal advocacy, and human rights, to make the formulation of the concept of family wealth based on blessing, a tradition in the household controls, the tradition of mutual control over behavior deviant families and officials around, and made a survey of poor people due to the addition of local or central public policy.

In the same event, Cultural figure Emha Ainun Najib insisted someone was forced to bribe due to blackmail system. "The system applied to the State has not walked aside with the people so that they had to bribe due to blackmail system," he explained.
Therefore, Emha hopes people shall not only be legal, but also have morality as human beings with faith. If man were just as human of law, then would he likely be breaking the law if there were no legal supervision from the authorities.