Pemuda Muhammadiyah distributes 500 food packages

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, May 31, 2020 23:50 WIB

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, JAKARTA – Through a COVID-19 Young Task Force, the Central board of Pemuda Muhamamdiyah (Muhammadiyah Youth Organization) distributed 500 food packages to low-income people affected by a COVID-19 pandemic in Jakarta Utara and Jabodetabek on Sunday (31/5).

The packages were handed over by General Chairman of Pemuda Muhamamdiyah Sunanto together with Head of the task force Zaedi Basiturrozak.

Sunanto stated that the aids were a sustainable program of Pemuda Muhammadiyah to assist the needy and a social movement due to awareness of a mutual aid.

“This food distribution portrays a contribution of Pemuda Muhammadiyah and its partners to this nation which attempts to tackle the COVID-19,” declared Sunanto.

He believed that mutual cooperation and generosity should intensively be promoted. He also encourages all elements of this nation to help one another.

Meanwhile, Head of the task force Zaedi Basiturrozak conveyed that Pemuda Muhammadiyah will keep performing a similar program in levels of provinces, regions, districts, and sub-districts.

“We will always help the people during this pandemic. We continuously coordinated with Pemuda Muhammadiyah branches so that we can do our best to the community,” he asserted.

Additionally, representing people dwellinf in Pejagalan, Son Haji expressed his gratitude for the aids from Pemuda Muhammadiyah dan Benih Baik.

“I would like thank Pemuda Muhamamdiyah for the help. It is beneficial for us. May Allah reward their kindness,” said Son Haji.