Hastening Dissemination of Dakwah in Papua, Muhammadiyah Will Establish Hospital Soon

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, November 04, 2019 09:31 WIB

JAYAPURA, MUHAMMADIYAH.OR.ID– The Central Board of Muhammadiyah visited Cendrawasih, Papua. The visit aimed to accelerate dissemination of dakwah for people of Papua.

In the visit, Muhammadiyah was represented by Chairman of Muhammadiyah dr. Agus Taufiqurahman, Secretary of Muhammadiyah Agung Danarto, and Expert Staff of Muhammadiyah Bachtiar Dwi Kurniawan.

Agus Taufiqurahman expected that Muhammadiyah can establish health care in Abepura, Jayapura soon. “Muhammadiyah of Papua has not had hospitals so that it should be followed up quickly,” declared Agung on Monday (3/11).

Muhammadiyah planned to construct hospitals in Merauke and Abepura.

Agung added that Muhammadiyah has prepared land of 2,000m2 located near a highway. “Some preparations have been undertaken such as the land, permit, and human resources, namely doctors and nurses,” he mentioned.

Alhamdulillah, Muslims in Merauke supported Muhammadiyah to build the hospitals.

Today (3/11), the Muhammadiyah representatives came to see two locations in Jayaapura, namely Muhammadiyah Health Center (MHC) and an area of 1,500m2 to found a clinic.