TK ABA Becomes the Strongest Pillar to Educate Generations of This Nation

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, October 04, 2019 16:12 WIB

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, SLEMAN – The Central Board of ‘Aisyiyah conducted Affirmation of ‘Aisyiyah-Muhammadiyah Ideology for principals and teachers of TK Aisyiyah Bustanul Atfal (ABA) – kindergartens – throughout Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (UMY) on Friday (4/10) at Universitas Aisyiyah (Unisa) Yogyakarta. The seminar was attended by 1,000 participants.

In her remark, General Charwoman of the Central Board of ‘Aisyiyah Siti Noordjannah Djohantini stated that principals of TK ABA plays strategic roles and possesses responsibilities to save future generations studying at TK ABA.

Noordjannah advised the principals and teachers of TK ABA to be engaged in reinforcing ‘Aisyiyah.

Thus, it is necessary to invigorate and strengthen the position of teachers of TKA ABA in the context of understanding ‘Aisyiyah-Muhammadiyah ideology.

Besides, Noordjannah informed that TK ABA has been established 1919. The kindergarten exists since ‘Aisyiyah and Muhammadiyah commit to prosper community.

“Muhammadiyah contributes to educate this nation,” asserted Noordjannah.

In the context of ideology at the level of kindergarten, Muhammadiyah already has an Islamic view, namely progressive Islam.
"Islam provides life values and guidance for our life changing rapidly,” added Noordjannah.

An insight of progressive Islam should be grasped and implemented in children’s education.

Last, Noordjannah expected that TK ABA could become a tough pillar to educate the generations of this nation.

“We have to make this kindergarten strength of our dakwah. We all believe that our children need to have the best place. I wish that the kindergarten is a place for us to perform worship, and we gain rewards from Allah,” hoped Noordjanah.