FT UMM Legged-Robot Outperforms UB and PENS ITS

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, May 10, 2011 13:42 WIB
Team of Indonesian Smart Robot Content (KRCI) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) again triumphed. This time, UMM won the first place of legged robot category at KRCI of Regional IV Robot Contest in ITS, Sunday (5/8). Besides, the team which was named Dome also won the Best Design category for KRCI.
The team leader, a student of Electrical Engineering FT UMM, Ahmad Syah Pamungkas, explained that his team victory could not be separated from learning on the failure of the previous years. For nearly three months, he and his team member, Guna Monda Wicaksana, designed and developed smart robot that can walk to find hot spot and extinguish it. The team was supervised by Ir. M. Irfan, MT.
 "In six-time match, we just failed to extinguish the fire once," Ahmad told about the contest that occurred for two days. Finally, his team could beat the winning team from PENS ITS and UB which each of them consecutively occupied positions II and III.
Interestingly, despite of fairly smart robot, the design process did not spend too large fund. It took only Rp. 5 million to complete the light mini robot. "Our material was recycled from our old robots that we’d learned on them continually," said Ahmad.
With this victory, Dome UMM team would participate in national final robot contest in the next mid-June in UGM. He admitted that his team is optimistic to win the contest with the better preparation.
"The weakness of our robot is in the limited proximity of its sensor. So we will add one more sensor to be eight sensors and repair the important mechanical parts," explained Ahmad related to reparation of the robot for the national final later.
UMM Vice Rector III, Drs. Joko Widodo, M.Si said he was proud of the achievement. Thus, now FT UMM is not only excelled in the field of the Bridge Contest, but also has begun to shine in the field of robotics. "So far, our bridge always wins champion. This year, the robot must also be champion," said Joko encouraging the students. (www.umm.ac.id)