Haedar Nashir Inaugurates Five Agricultural Artesian Wells

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, September 01, 2019 15:10 WIB

PALU, MUHAMMADIYAH.OR.ID - General Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir inaugurated five agricultural artesian wells and witnessed a declaration of the first Muhammadiyah Peasant Community (Jatam) outside of Java initiated by the Community Empowerment Board (MPM) of Muhammadiyah in Sigi, Palu, Central Sulawesi on Saturday, (8/31).

Haedar appreciated an effort of the initiation expanded to Sulawesi Tengah.

Besides Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center focusing on disaster issues, the MPM has contributed in 3T (outermost, frontier, and remote) areas of Indonesia.

“Collaboration between the MPM and Lazismu represents an action of Al-Maun believed by Muhammadiyah,” declared Haedar.

“The MPM strives to enhance agriculture from production to post-production. “Allah’s blessings cannot be counted. Allah gives us His blessings, nature, and great wealth. Indonesia is rich so that we have to utilize the blessings appropriately,” inserted Haedar.

He also expected that the Jatam of Sulawesi Tengah can be developed by farmers.

According to Haedar, demerits of our agriculture is that, if we do not take care of it, it will remain left behind. Many products can be produced, but we import them. One of the reasons which other countries colonized our country was to fight over agricultural and plantation products.

“Donggala produces copra. Peasants are not a group of lazy people. They are often blamed when the agriculture is left behind. In fact, they are not lazy. Many studies revealed that our farmers are hard workers, communal, and never tired, as well as possess a sense of belonging,” asserted Haedar.

Thus, the Jatam of Muhammadiyah needs to do technology innovation to improve agricultural products. The technology and human resources should be reinforced. Peasants have to be independent, self-confidence, and open to work in a team.

Haedar mentioned that farmers are patient, persistent, tireless, painstaking, and independent. “Many means can be undertaken to foster this movement. One of them is through the Jatam,” he conveyed.