Australian Students Learn Environmental Issues from MLH of Muhammadiyah

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, June 21, 2019 14:22 WIB

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, BANTUL - Secretary of Community Awareness, Development, and Advocacy of the Office of Environment (MLH) of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Heri Setiawan drew attention of five students of Curtin University, Australia to learn and care of environment. The students, performing an internship, were invited to visit Potorono, Banguntapan, Bantul which is a waste care village (Desa Peduli Sampah). Conducted from Monday (17/6) to Saturday (22/6), the students were supervised by staffs of the Office of Environment of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Heri Setiawan, Haris, and Jumali.

“They learned a profile and concept of a clean, health, and independent village from village officials. The village concerns with waste selection and management, planting, waste-based business development, and composting,” mentioned Heri on a release received on Friday (21/6).

He informed that the visit was addressed to enhance three aspects. First, it dealt with an aspect of motivation. It aimed to raise their awareness and attention to waste issues. Second, it was regarding an aspect of knowledge. The visit provided students understanding of technology development and application.

Last, it was about an aspect of skills. The visit enabled the students to recognize a concrete action of how to select and manage organic and inorganic waster as well as how to undertake a plant nursery.

“The students had the visit from morning to evening,” told Heri.

Meanwhile, Head of Potorono Village Prawata asserted that Potorono is the first village in Bantuk Regency designed as a waste care village. The village was pointed to preserve environment through caring about waste. The care is valuable for not only maintaining environment but also improving people’s economy.

“If the waste is well-managed, it can escalate economy and environment can be cleaner and healthier,” expressed Prawata.