Inaugurating a Health Care Post ‘MudikMu Aman’, Kapolda of DIY: Thank You, Muhammadiyah!

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, June 02, 2019 02:11 WIB

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, BANTUL - Kapolda Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) Inspector General of Police (Irjen) Ahmad Dofiri accompanied by Danrem 072 Pamungkas Brigjenl TNI M. Zamroni and Head of Health Office of Bantul inaugurated a health care post ‘MudikMu Aman’ on (1/6) in the Srandakan Bridge Roundabout, Bantul, DIY).

Irjen Ahmad Dofiri officially launched the post by riding a police big motorcycle (moge) and cutting ribbon. His party thanked Muhammadiyah for providing the MudikMu Aman through Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC), LazisMu, and RS PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul.

“I would like to thank RS PKU Muhammadiyah for establishing this post. People having a mass exodus take a long trip may get exhausted and they can take a break to check their health at the MudikMu Aman in Srandakan. I believe that this post is beneficial for the people passing this Daendles road,” expressed Irjen Ahmad.

Meanwhile, Head of Risk Reduction and Preparedness Division of MDMC Budi Santoso informed that the MudikMu Aman in Serandakan was one of twenty MudikMu Aman posts spread in several areas.

“The MudikMu Aman is equipped with a health care post supported by RS PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul. The health care post has five staffs comprising of a physician, nurse, pharmacist, ambulance driver, and administrative staff. The post will be available from 1 to 8 June, 2019,” explained Budi.

The post had three shifts, namely a morning, afternoon, and evening shift. Working with the medical staffs, the administrative staff will note all daily activities in the post.

Besides, the MDMC collaborating with LazisMu and RS PKU Muhammadiyah established similar posts in two areas, Jalan Wates and Jalan Piyungan, DIY.