10 Traits of Muhammadiyah Identity Should Become Moderation on Social Media

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, May 31, 2019 11:22 WIB

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, YOGYAKARTA - Ten traits of ‘Muhamadiyah Identity’ become the national characteristics of Muhammadiyah and can be moderation if necessary. The moderation is mentioned the ten traits and should incessantly be promoted on social media.

The messages were delivered by General Chairman of Central Board of Muhammadiyah to the press and Muhammadiyah members at Silaturahim dengan Awak Media Massa (Press Gathering) at Hall of Muhammadiyah Office, Yogyakarta on Thursday (30/1).

“Social media have become a platform for people to express their ideas or everything including violence. People can write everything. If it continuously occurs, World War III may emerge due to social media,” stated Haedar.

He contended that social media can manipulate truth to be simulacra. Opinions, hoaxes, and prejudices seem true on a short video or utterance.

“People, either religious figures or anyone, now enjoy the simulacra. This condition is what Kiai Dahlan was worried about. ‘The people will be inclined towards their desire.’ Thus, if they are in tune, they appreciate, but if not, they will not appreciate even though something is right,” conveyed Haedar.

Since the simulacra have been a part of a daily life, Haedar believed that Muhammadiyah supported by the press can create as much as moderation through alternative writings.

What is dominant on social media is considered representing truth. This situation is called simulacra by Jean Baurdrillard.

Haedar advised that the ten characteristics of Muhammadiyah identity should always be disseminated and implemented because Muhammadiyah aspires to educate this nation in order to be independent on the way of thinking. Therefore, the community can be developed and possess characters and identity.

“Muhammadiyah identity has to always be applied in this changing era. The founders and guards of Muhammadiyah always have always keep on mind a thought which we name Muhamamdiyah ideology,” maintained Haedar.

Between a bond and frame of Muhammadiyah ideology, there is Muhammadiyah identity encompassing ten Muhammadiyah characteristics. The identity existed due to Muhammadiyah’s struggle in politics with Masyumi having distinctive views from the Old Order stakeholders.

According to Haedar, Muhammadiyah identity was formulated by Muhammadiyah figures engaged in politics as Faqih Usman. Hence, Muhammadiyah’s seceding from politic brought impacts on Muhammadiyah. The figures involved in Masyumi returned active in Muhammadiyah, but their thoughts and struggles were similar when they were in politics. To encounter the circumstance, ten traits of Muhammadiyah identity existed.

The ten traits are:

1. Muhammadiyah identity addressed to charity and struggles for peace and welfare

2. Making a lot of friends and implementing ukuwaah islamiyyah

3. Being relieved and possessing the vast expanse of thought by upholding Islamic teachings.

4. Being religious and sociable

5. Upholding legal laws, regulations, roles, and ideology of the state

6. Performing amar ma’ruf nahi munkar in all aspects and becoming role models

7. Taking active roles in community development to improve and empower them in accordance with Islamic teachings

8. Collaborating with Islamic groups to promote and implement Islamic teachings as well as to stands for interests

9. Assisting government and cooperating with other groups to preserve and foster the state to achieve social justice and welfare blessed by Allah SWT

10. Being equitable, corrective, and wisely internally and externally.