Theatre of SISI UMSU took part in Festamasio-V Palembang

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, April 29, 2011 16:45 WIB

Good news coming from campus theatre in North Sumatra. North Sumatra arts and culture had been taken into account after after theatre of North Sumatra Muhammadiyah University (THESIS-UMSU) made it into the ten finalists of the National Student Theatre Festival (FESTAMASIO V) in Palembang. This event was held at Sriwijaya University as the host and lasted from June 18 to 25 April 2011.

Theater SISI as Student Activity Unit (UKM) which is always active in world of theater in Medan tried their luck after taking part in FESTAMASIO III in Yogyakarta in 2005 chaired by Agung Saputra now TESIS UMSU led by Malizar Hairunnisa Parinduri as General Chairman of Theatre SISI UMSU has been able to beat a hundred campus-theaters all over Indonesia who passed the selction of FESTAMASIO V Palembang. One of the proud was that they are the only campus theater of North Sumatra that passed the selection.

Stage Manager Rian Harahap said that they had passed through the process since 2010, and the UMSU University fully supported this activity both morally and material, futher Glady Rehearsal on Tuesday in North Sumatera Cultural Park the script "Paranoia" by Tanto Yondik was successfully staged and received appreciation from many spectators. Theatre SISI UMSU sent 11 (eleven) members that are Rifky Arnold, Malizar Hairunnisa Parinduri, Ade Aritago, Wike Permata Kasih, Sheila Fitria Mingka, Annie El Atikah, Arief Sinaga, Ira Maya, Lukman Hakim and Last Rian Harahapyang who are still active Students of UMSU. In their departure this time Theatre SISI UMSU targeted at achieving some of the categories in the value on the stage and competed with various universities in Indonesia including UNSYIAH Aceh , Andalas Padang, UPI Bandung, Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, ITS Surabaya, STAIN Pontianak, IAIN Surakarta, Malang and UNM UMI Makassar.

On another occasion the Rector of UMSU Drs. Agussani, M. AP said that the university always supported events able to boost student achievement not only in academics, but in other areas related to students creativity especially this event which brought out names of North Sumatra. Theatre SISI UMSU always staged in the national competition and be able to set aside various other campus theater in North Sumatra. He hopes that theatre SISI UMSU had already broken out the deadlock of Theatre in Sumatra today. Support was always there for creativity both moral and material support, the Rector added.

Efforts which have been made well in advance of departure remained an outreach of dream must be realized with all seriousness. Prayer from the community of North Sumatra is needed to provide a motivation for younger siblings in theater SISI UMSU, added Agung Saputra coach theatre SISI UMSU.


The winners in the activity was Gajah Mada Theatre UGM that won the Best First , UPI Bandung Theatre took The play best Champion II, Tetaer SISI UMSU as won best to-III (

(Trans by hm-uhamka)