Counteracting “Brain Washing", Universities need to form strong character of the students

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, April 26, 2011 15:23 WIB

Yogyakarta- It is important for universities to build strong self-concept or character within the students in an effort of counteracting the widespread phenomenon of brainwashing allegations involving NII movement, putting the student as a victim.

According to the Psychology of Human Resources expert who is also permanent Lecturer at Master of Management Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY), Professor. Dr. Heru Kurnianto Tjahjono, this phenomenon occurs due to poor self-concept or character within students making it easier for other people to influence their thought patterns so that it has a false belief or faith. He explains "cotak washing" is ambiguous and unclear concept. "What is happening is a person to influence others by weakening the critical factor to form a relatively permanent negative behavior," he said.

Furthermore, Heru explains that person's behavior is rooted in the belief they have formed. "The stronger beliefs about the concept of embedded actors" brainwashing ", the stronger they behave," he explained at integrated campus on Tuesday (26 / 4).

In practice, the offender will make the victim confused by the ambiguous phrase used so that the critical factor may not work to select and analyze the incoming data or messages as normal. Due to the malfunction of this critical factor, then the victim tends to follow the message delivered by the "brainwasher”. Usually, the offenders do multiple approaches for maximum results for the victim carried repetitively and reinforced. "In addition, the offender is likely a person who seemed educated and dignified and in essence, able to make the victim was fascinated by the appearance and the words," said Heru.

He reveals, the widespread phenomenon of the brainwashing movement alleged by NII network due to weak self-concept or character of the victim making it easier for them to instill a false belief about a doctrine. Seeing the condition of these victims, the perpetrators systematically build a false belief when the victim confused. The victims generally tend to have personality closed, less flexible, and not assertive with their environment.

To overcome this, Heru sees that role of university is importantly to set strong character to the academic community, especially students to be able to counteract all forms of understanding things untrue. Higher Education needs to provide solutions to develop students with strong self-concept or characters such as high self-confidence, involving them in discussion to increase the critical spirit so that they will not be easily provoked or understand the inappropriate teachings.

 "Besides, education also needs to be created that makes students as subjects so that they understand the education path for them. Thus, they actually become players in learning, "said Heru. (

 (Trans by hm-uhamka)