Puppet show at Muhammadiyah Da'wah Center toned up

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, April 25, 2011 11:42 WIB

Jakarta- Puppet shows held by the Art Institute of Culture and Sports of Muhammadiyah's central executive at Muhammadiyah Da'wah Center Jl Menteng Raya 62 looks different. Area of ​​not more than 500 square meters, suddenly crowdedby the sound of gamelan music pounding continuously since 19.30 after Isha prayers. " classical music (gendhing) of Ki Nartosabdo famous Central Java cultural figure flowing, to 'hypnotize' nearly 700 people under a simple tent.

Mustafa B. Nahrawardaya, Information Library Institute members of Muhammadiyah central execute expressed that LSBO creative in this puppet show, the drummer (pengrawit) who were females do not wear clothes typical of Java, but rather on a combination of Javanese traditional dress and headscarf graceful. Unlike the females, the males seem wearing a typical Java. The complete Beskap with jarik and Stagen (belt of cloth) of gold seems to bind their bodies. Even so, the atmosphere during the show still does not make any difference if compared by pengrawit appearance in general.

The puppet performance that night was really beautiful and wonderful surprise. The small modification of the puppet mostly I can even understand it. The most striking difference with the general puppet performance was on the offerings. In the traditional puppet that we often see in the villages, there is a kind of offerings are placed on the right side puppeteer. Yet the show that night, was without offerings. Also, how the committee started the puppet, not by incantations, but it opened with the reading of holy Quran verses by the cadres of the Muhammadiyah. In addition, if there is usually a space behind the screen to enjoy the shadow puppets, then the PP Muhammadiyah it did not exist. Because of limited space, not allowed people to enjoy the puppets from behind the scenes, though in fact the spirit behind the puppet is on the screen.

Apparently, due the puppet stage is at the heart of the capital, Chief Executive Puppet Show who is also senior artist El Manik, do not forget also to tell the history of puppets to the audience beforehand, including the background of the puppets, to tell you many things about the difficulties the committee in performance preparation. The puppet show, said El Manik, is very different between the regions with the capital. However, it should be appreciated what my friend described it. The reason, he himself, not Javanese, but the Batak. Ghirah or spirit of the Muhammadiyah cadres to move this event, it turns out without hampered by different tribal origins of puppet.

Meanwhile, the central executive board of Muhammadiyah, Drs HM Sukriyanto, M. Hum who gave a speech that night, do not forget to give analogies of science and secrets behind the puppet. Second son of KH AR Fachruddin explains, puppet performances like that took place Muhammadiyah Da’wah Center Jakarta, can be referred to as the cultural propaganda strategy to the public. Yet such preaching can not necessarily be accepted by the people.

"If I have to compare that in the coconut tree there are bluluk, Cengkir, degan, also coconut. Thus, there is in the community with low understanding as well as bluluk. Maybe some are already like Cengkir. Anything else is degan. But there is also a level of coconut. Well, once might be a puppet propaganda for the degan, not Cengkir or coconut," said Shukri greeted by claps from the audience.

Puppet show in PP Muhammadiyah featuring female puppeteer Dwi Puspita Ningrum, students Semester VIII Department of Language and Literature of Java UMP, however deserves thumbs up. In the midst of global modernization and a lack of interest in the profession puppeteer, Dwi Puspita figure appeared there. Hopefully this as a starting point would be a sign of the rise of cultural-figures of Muhammadiyah in the future.

(Trans by hm-uhamka)