Muhammadiyah is not minimized Islamic group but proportioned

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, April 25, 2011 09:33 WIB

Kuala Lumpur-Muhammadiyah is not minimized Muslim group, but proportioned. That is the way of worship of Muhammaidyah is proportioned as been taught and exemplified by the Prophet, including the existence of meanings and a deep appreciation while performing worship rituals. Greetings in prayer, in his view is not the end of ritual prayers, because after praying person is required to actualize these values ​​in reality prayer life.

This was expressed by the central executive of Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin preaching at the House of Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kg. Baru, Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday (20/04/2011) Based on the thought, according to Din, Muhammadiyah is never tired to encourage Muslims, especially Muhammadiyah members to institutionalize good deeds which are functional and solution, as the perfect luminous faith and to reflect Islamic teachings giving grace or compassion for the whole universe (rahmatan lil 'alamin).

In his speech, the central executive of Muhammadiyah also raised the question of ideological propaganda of Muhammadiyah movement. In addition to the movement known as tajdid (Renewal), since the beginning of its establishment, Muhammadiyah movement also known as tajdid (refining or purification). In Muhammadiyah, the movement includes purification in faith and main worship problem. So with this tajdid movement, Muhammadiyah touted as a puritan movement. While tajdid (renewal) applies only in the aspect of mu'amalah dunyawiyah worship only.

Therefore, the Muhammadiyah should always maintain and uphold the balance (tawazun) between tajdid movement (purified the creed and main worship) and tajdid mu'amalah dunyawiyah in worship, he said.

From the purification and tajdid movement, then formed the rationalization which is marked by a concrete action or a charitable effort providing benefits to the wider society, such as charitable efforts in education, health, economy and so forth. And charitable efforts should be managed in a professional and modern. From here the observers, either from within or outside the country to assess, that the Islamic organization Muhammadiyah adadah as modern. "The Largest modernist Muhammadiyah Islamic Organization", he said.

When confronted with the differences between traditional Islamic groups and Islamist militants, Muhammadiyah took the position that called wasathiyah (moderation or the middle position) with the advanced openness, dialogue and communication with all parties. He said.

At the end of his speech, Din send some mandates and hopes to PCIM and Muhammadiyah members in Kuala Lumpur, among which are for PCIM to set up Muhammadiyah charity efforts, at least in charity efforts in the education sector.


(Trans by hm-uhamka)