UAD Literature Lecturer Launches Book Short Story Collection

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, April 19, 2011 22:13 WIB

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Yogyakarta- "Do not be a literature professor who can only theorize. Write. By writing, indirectly we provide the learning process of literature students. "

That phrase made by Dra. Rina Ruth SS, M. Hum when she expressed her expectation at the launch of the book collection of short stories "Radiant Women" at Gedung PP Muhammadiyah in Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta on Wednesday (13 / 4) yesterday.

Besides writing, the mother of three children also works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (Guidance and Counseling),the Program of Educational Studies of Language and Literature of Indonesia (PBSI) in Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta.  Coinciding her birthday which falls on the month of the launch of her book, the lecturer was bloody Sundanese emits her light by launching a book of short stories "Radiant Women".

Radiant Women is a work that summarizes the growing phenomenon of women and occurs in today's society. Through a collection of short stories which contains of six (6) short stories she tries to express feminist world into her works. The lecturer who will soon complete her S3 studies is very good at playing word by word. She draws the strength from the viewpoint of women who by most people regarded as a weakness even the "foolishness" of women. Nrimo Ing Pandum.

The event which is in collaboration with the Institute of Art and Culture and Sports (LSBO) Muhammadiyah tries to prove existence through some activities. "This is proof of our concern as LSBO Muhammadiyah's central leadership. We are deliberately prosecuting members to be productive in her field. Like Rina. Insyaallah, in the near future we will launch a book of Java poetry. In addition to literature, we also support other activities. Provided it is positive, why not? "Said Jabrohim in his speech as chairman of Muhammadiyah LSBO.

The review of this book which was attended by artists and students were also attended by Prof. Dr. Rachmat Djoko Pradopo. "I prefer such glowing words were replaced with a Thief. So the title is replaced only: Women Thief. Since, nowadays many women who work as a thief. Thieves livers. Rina Ruth is one of them. She managed to steal our hearts. Not only of Adam, the Eve felt her right and position taken by the discussion today, "said Prof.. Dr. Rachmat Djoko Pradopo which provides closing welcome in front of dozens of invited guests who attended the event in a heated discussion in the book review. (


Translated by: nh/uhamka