Defeating ITS, ITB, and UGM, UMM wins Bridge Contest

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, April 11, 2011 23:36 WIB


Malang - Students of the Faculty of Engineering (FT), Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM) again obtained achievement. This time, the team of students from Civil Engineering won the second place of bridge contest in Civil Expo 2011 organized by ITS and held on Saturday (04/02). UMM beat the host team and several leading universities, such as ITB, UGM, UI, and UB. Surprisingly, the first place was also won by a private university, that was the team from Bhayangkara University. Meanwhile, the third winner was achieved by Polinema.
Meanwhile, juara harapan I (the 4th place) was taken by Jakarta State Polytechnic, the 5th place by Gunadarma University and the 6th place by ITS. The contest took place at the Grand City Mall Surabaya.
The coach of UMM Civil Engineering team, Ir. Khoirul Abadi, MT, said that he only sent one team. This was different from other universities which mostly carried at least two works. However, champion mental which has been the spirit of UMM students was capable to evoke optimism.
"They're still in the fourth semester, and they do not get any course on bridge yet, but because of the basic science which has been developing and because of good coaching, our team did its best and won the contest," said Khoriul praising to Allah.
The FT UMM team consisted of Rusandi Noor, Beni Ksatria, and Nika Nurkhansana. The team called itself  "3 Gishi" which means three engineers in Japanese. "We accidentally found this name while opening Japanese language dictionary," said Beni commenting on his team's name. Meanwhile, the bridge was named Gakusei which means bridge.
To assess the work of the contest participants, ITS invited three judges from various walks of life. From campus, there was Ir. Ananto Sukmono (ITS), from company, Ir. Djpoko Irawan, MS (Semen Gresik) and from ministry, Ir. I Made Sukartha, CES (Ministry of Public Works.)
The triumph of UMM was not surprising because tradition of championship has become the mentality of its students. UMM has been known as the most productive campus in winning champions of national bridge contest.
"Since 2008, 2009 and 2010, we always won achievement at KJI (Indonesian Bridge Contest). Of course we must maintain the consistency of this champion title with the best possible coaching," explained the coach of Civil Engineering of UMM, Zamzani Septiropa, ST. MT. He said he was determined to make the faculty stay on top despite having to compete with state technical colleges.(Trans by hm.uhamka)