Din Syamsuddin and Wife Scheduled to Open 60 Thousand Tilapia Harvest in South Sulawesi

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, April 05, 2011 14:58 WIB

Makassar-  "Prof. Dr.H.Din Syamsuddin, MA, a chairman of Muhammadiyah's Central Board set the organic Tilapia harvest on the next 24 April 2011, " said Muhammadiyah Chairman of Council for Community Empowerment (MPM )in South Sulawesi, Husni Yunus, after receiving a call directly from the Chairman of the  MPM, Said Tuhuleley, in Pusdiklat MPM Jl Sulawesi, Sunu no. 150 Makassar on Monday (04/04/2011).

Husni Yunus says  that the fest organic fish harvest  will be attended by Din Syamsuddin and his new wife,  and Yunus adds  "This harvest is a wedding gift to him, and IsyaAllah, the farmer community that was set up by the MPM Muhammadiyah of South Sulawesi will give a special gift to Mr. Din and Mrs. Din."

H. Ali Tannang, a chairman of the farmer group, Nilawati Gentung Labakkang aquagriculture pond which is cultivated by the MPM Muhammadiyah  of South Sulawesi, says that this is the great harvest of organic tilapia fish,  as known that there are about  60 thousands of this  type of fish. According to Ali Tannang, in addition to tilapia, there will be  Bolu fish (milkfish) and shrimp. "The fish agriculture pond is processed through the  farming organic waste system, meaning that  the fish feed and fertilizer are made of the cattle and fruites waste.

The fest fish harvest will also be attended by a number of House of Representatives, Parliaments of South Sulawesi Province, the South Sulawesi Governor, as well as hundreds of the MPM Muhammadiyah farmers of the South Sulawesi Province.

(Trans by NH/UHAMKA)