Plane Boeing Dreamliner 787 Emergency Landing in Japan

Author : Administrator | Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:06 WIB
Boeing 787 Dreamliner milik maskapai Jepang mendarat darurat (REUTERS/Passenger/Handout)

VIVAnews - Commercial aircraft currently produc of Boeing , the 787 Dreamliner, again problematic. The incident this time experienced by aircraft owned Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways Co.. (ANA), which forced an emergency landing after smoke appeared.

Reported by the Wall Street Journal, made an emergency landing at an airport in Takamatsu area, south of Japan, on the flight Wednesday morning, January 16, 2013. The plane was on a flight from Haneda airport in Tokyo to Yamaguchi Ube Airport in western Japan.

According to the news station NHK, the smoke coming from the cockpit. A total of 129 passengers and eight crew members had been evacuated safely. The smoke is no longer visible some time later.

It is not yet known where the smoke came from. The investigation being conducted by the airline and Boeing. "We're aware of this issue and working with our customers," said Boeing spokesman in Chicago, USA.

Is no doubt an emergency landing back tarnished product safety Dreamliner from Boeing. Previously, the 787 Dreamliner airline owned by Japan Airlines (JAL) was forced to make an emergency landing in Boston because there was smoke in the cabin of the aircraft.

Not just this alone, there were some incidents happened to Boeing's latest aircraft. On December 4 last year, the Dreamliner made an emergency landing in New Orlean on a flight from Houston to Newark because of damage to the generator. On 17 December, the aircraft was also severely damaged electricity.

Earlier on December 13, 2012, Qatar Airlines ceased operating three Boeing Dreamliner as well as damage to the electrical system.

The Japanese government said it is working with Boeing and the Federal Aviation Agency for the United States (FAA) in investigating emergency landing in Boston. The FAA said the plane was safe to fly, but it still needs a thorough review to ensure that no further damage.

Dreamliner are already 50 units sold worldwide. A total of 24 of them operated by JAL and ANA. The aircraft is known as the most lightweight and efficient on the production line of Boeing. (Ren)

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