The Tough Opponent of Obama is Back so Chairman of Representatives

Author : Administrator | Friday, January 04, 2013 11:16 WIB
Ketua DPR AS John Boehner dan Presiden Barack Obama (REUTERS)

VIVAnews - John Boehner re-elected as Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives for the second time in a row. Senior Republican politicians it is known as a "formidable opponent" for President Barack Obama as aggressively criticize government policies, especially in the economic and financial sectors.

According to news agency Reuters, the re-election as Speaker of the House Boehner supported the majority of the representatives of the people in a vote in Congress with the composition of 220-192 in Washington DC Thursday night (Friday morning GMT). Boehner defeated Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic faction leader seeks return to Speaker.

Boehner's victory is not surprising, considering that the House is controlled by the politicians of the Republican Party. Soon so was re-elected as Speaker of the House, Boehner vowed to fight hard lower the U.S. debt, which now amounted to U.S. $ 16 billion, through the legislation.

"Our government is collecting too much debt. Economy of our country is not producing enough jobs and the problems are related to each other," said Boehner, who remained critical of the Obama administration, which last November returned to win the presidential election for the second time.

However, the election of a chairman, a member of Parliament representing the state of Ohio is not supported by all peers sekubu. Noted there are 12 conservative politicians who do not support Boehner. That's what led to the selection of the Chairman of the House this time producing the most stringent sound composition since 1997.

Despite coming from the opposition party now, Boehner is seen mostly ineffective comrades to run errands. He even recently considered to have started to soften as compromise with the Obama administration in the camps discuss U.S. efforts to prevent falling into the "fiscal gap," one of which is to raise taxes on the wealthy.

Compromise is received criticism from fellow Republican politicians, which has supported many entrepreneurs rich. "Being chairman of the House not to bargain," said a member of the House Republican Peter King, told the news station MSNBC. (Sj)

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