Japan Use Lie Test to Selection Candidate of Police

Author : Administrator | Thursday, January 10, 2013 10:03 WIB
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VIVAnews - The Japanese government began using a lie detector test for selection of police recruits in the country. The move follows a number of irregularities and crimes committed by the police.

Japan reported a police official quoted by the Telegraph, quoting Asahi newspaper this week, the recruits had to undergo tests with the machine poligraph, or lie detector machine. This machine is assessing honesty with breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and the body's electrical currents.

Questions to be broadcast during the test varied. Among them is "What do you think about pedophilia?" or "Do you often harass women? '. If the test results are good, then the candidate is accepted.

This method is used after year as many as 60 police officers fired in Japan, triggering people's distrust of the police. In addition, in 2012 as many as 400 police officers being disciplined. This is the highest number since 2000.

This month, the dismissal made ‚Äč‚Äčagainst a police station in Aichi Prefecture. The police are caught harassing a junior high student. In addition, he is also known to have tried to rape the student before becoming a cop.

Another case occurred in Toyama Prefecture in December. A policeman was arrested for killing a married couple and burned their homes to get rid of the evidence.

Earlier in April last year, police were detained due to lick the hair of a woman at a restaurant in Tokyo. He was discharged and then resigned in August as abusive adolescents 15 years of age at the train station.

A police officer was also fired because Tokyo was caught taking pictures panties on the train.

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