Barack Obama Official be U.S. President Again

Author : Administrator | Monday, January 21, 2013 10:29 WIB
Barack Obama jalani pengambilan sumpah sebagai Presiden AS untuk kali kedua (REUTERS/Larry Downing)

VIVAnews - Barack Obama has officially become president of the United States for the second time. He had been sworn in a ceremony short and simple at the White House, which is the official residence of the President of the United States.

According to news agency Reuters, the swearing-in ceremony took place on Sunday noon Washington DC time (early Monday GMT). This is in accordance with the Constitution, the new president must be sworn by law on January 20. On the same day, Joe Biden was also sworn in as Vice President of the United States for the second time.

"I, Barack Hussein Obama, vowed to undergo duties as president of the United States and earnest running, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States," Obama said before the Supreme Court, Judge John Roberts, who led the oath-taking. Obama raised his right hand and left hand touching the top of the Bible held by his wife, Michelle.

Obama's two daughters, Sasha Malia, witnessed their father was sworn in as president for the second time. Similarly, a close relative of Obama, like his half sister, and brother-in-law.

His show brief. After Obama's speech following the judge, and he finished taking the oath with his family into a private room. Festive celebration, which involves a number of artists and invites the public, will take place on January 21, 2013. Incidentally it is a national holiday in the U.S. to commemorate the birth of American fighters rights, Martin Luther King Jr..

According to BBC news station, once sworn in as president for the second time, Obama has faced a tough task. There are at least three problems that must be faced, namely the effort to change laws on gun ownership among civilians, reforming immigration policy, and solve the U.S. debt problem.

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