U.S.: Test Nuclear North Korea Provocative

Author : Administrator | Friday, January 25, 2013 10:25 WIB
Menhan AS Leon Panetta (Reuters)

WASHINGTON - United States (U.S.) mention plans nuclear test North Korea (North Korea) as a provocative step. The U.S. also intends to expand its economic sanctions against North Korea.

"They (North Korea) has the capability, to be honest, it's hard to determine what they're doing," said U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, told the Associated Press on Friday (25/01/2013).

During this time, Panetta argues, he did not see any signs that North Korea would conduct a nuclear test. However, it does not mean that North Korea did not prepare.

Right on Thursday, the National Defence Commission of North Korea's announced nuclear test plans. They emphasized that nuclear weapons in the form of long-range missile has been designed in such a way and directed to Uncle Sam.

The announcement of a nuclear test came two days after the Security Council of the United Nations (UNSC) condemnation say North Korean satellite launch was also accompanied by long-range rocket launch. China had come to support the strengthening of sanctions to North Korea.

Ministry of Economic Affairs of U.S. impose sanctions to Hong Kong companies and two officials in the North Bank. They were forbidden to trade with the Americans citizen.

The U.S. suspects Tanchon Commercial Bank became the financial backbone of the North. The bank allegedly involved in arms procurement program all the communist country.

North Korea has always claimed that his country has the right to build nuclear weapons intended to defend themselves from the U.S. and South Korea (ROK). Asian communist country, it still felt threatened by the 28 thousand U.S. troops are in South Korea.

A few years ago, North Korea was to hold a missile test is claimed to hit the U.S.. But analysts argue, North Korean missiles capable of reaching the U.S. yet. (AUL)

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