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Scholarship for CIO Master Program from KemKominfo 2011

Author : Administrator | Thursday, June 16, 2011 08:38 WIB


Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Graduate Program of Master of Technology together with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the RI organizes scholarship for Civil Servants for Chief Information Officer Master Program.

The scholarship is offered to the selected student candidates from Indonesian government institutions who have outstanding knowledge and/or skill and who are highly motivated to develop e-Government in Indonesia.

Purpose and Objective

Master Program/S2 of CIO (Chief Information Officer) is for excutive/policy makers who are responsible to promote IT as a means of improving the quality of governmental bureaucracy right on the strategic and operational levels. CIO Master Program of MTI UGM is designed to fulfil the need on human resource in order to develop e-Government in central and local governmental institutions.

General Provision –Criteria for Scholarship Receiver Candidates
Scholarship receiver candidates are hoped to meer the following criteria:

  • Civil Servant (PNS) in department and non-department institutions in central and local goverment
  • Having work period of at least 2 years since the date of PNS hiring with bvachelor title in the related institutionn.
  • Area of work should be on e-Government development in the origin of institution.
  • Open for all sectors/fields/agency in governmental institutions.
  • Max 40 years of age when registering.
  • Having no Master title yet and not joining Master Program in other place.
  • Receiving no sholarship from other institutions.


S1 legalized academic certificate and academic transcript.

  • legalized academic certificate and transcript of undergraduate program 
  • GPA min 3,0.
  • TOEFL Score Test min 450 from PPB UGM or ITP-TOEFL organized by institution pointed by The Indonesian Internasional Education Foundation.
  • TPA score min 500, issued by Bappenas, Puspendik Litbang Diknas and UGM.
  • Those who have not TPA yet and/or TOEFL (like point 3 and 4) are allowed to submit application.
  • The home university of undergraduate program has received accreditation from BAN PT.
  • Recommendation letter from two people who know the academic skill of the candidates.
  • Recommendation letter from the authority (at least Eselon II levelled institution leader) who explains that the work field ir related to the E-Government developmet.
  • Projection in joining Master Program.
  • Permit from the home institution/work place.
  • Letter of guarantee payment.
  • Certificate of healt from doctor.
  • CV.
  • Two photos of 3×4.
  • Portfolio contained project describtion, research, paper, or IT books which have been done for the last 3 years (becoming addition value).
  • All the requirements are made in duplicate.

Application Procedure

  1. Free of charge.
  2. Downloading and filling registration form
  3. Application is sent via post or sent directly to Master of Information Technology office at UGM.
  4. Deadline June 29, 2011. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to have IT selection test and interview.

Further Information
Official information of CIO Master Program Scholarship of KemKominfo 2011 at MTI UGM can be accessed on MTI UGM website,

Address for sending application:
Master of Information Technology Gadjah Mada University
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Building, 2nd floor
Engineering Faculty Jl. Grafika 2 Yogyakarta



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