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Data Print Scholarship for Indonesian Education and Creativity

Author : Administrator | Thursday, June 16, 2011 13:07 WIB


General Requirements:

1.  Student/university students from SMP to higher education level

2.  Actively joining school/university activities or organizations

3.  No drugs-involved or committing crime

4.  Not receiving scholarship from other companies

Regulation of the Competition:

1.  Filling the form Registration

2.  One coupon in DataPrint product is for one registration

3.  Free of charge

4.  Filling the form with real information of identity.

5. For raport score coloumn, fill the total score and number of subjects.

I.e.: 98 from 7 subjects

6.  Write school name or university in the coloumn of score/latest GPA.

7.  Write the essay for at least 100 words and no more than 500 words. Theme will change for each period. The theme will will be announced every date 1 of the period.

8.  Sholarship will be devided into 2 period.

9.  If students failed in the first period, they ARE ALLOWED register for the next period.

10.  Students who have got scholarship for one period CANNOT receive the scholarship for the next period.

11.  Schedule per period:

Period 1: March 1,  – July 31

Period 2: August 1, – December 31

12.  Detail for scholarship receiver is explained below:

@ Rp 1.000.000 @ Rp 500.000 @ Rp 250.000
Period I 50 students 50 students 250 students
Period II 50 students 50 students 250 students

13.  The participants will be selected (not drawn) by a team from DataPrint.

14.  The sholarship receiver will be contacted by DataPrint. Please keep the copy of tha latest raport or GPA as a legal verification for you as the sholarship winners.

15.  The amount of money of the sholarship will be directly given to the winners of the period.

16.  The sholarship will be given no more than one month after the announcement and filing completion from the winners.

17.  The sholarship winners are FREE OF CHARGE.

18.  The winner list will be published on DataPrint website , DataPrint Facebook page and every date 1 of the next period.

Total of Sholarship

100 scholarships @ Rp 1.000.000

100 scholarships @ Rp 500.000

500 scholarships @ Rp 250.000


“In your opinion, what is the main focus of the education which should be improved today?”


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