Zawawi Imron: Culture Diversity Yields Creativity

Author : Humas | Wednesday, May 06, 2015 15:11 WIB
Zawawi Imron (left) and Muhammad Hayat, MA (right) as delivering materials about the importance of Indonesia Culture, on Wednesday (6/5).

“Never ask something from Indonesia, rather please ask yourself what you have done to Indonesia!” This statement was said by Indonesia humanist, Zawawi Imron in a workshop of Archipelago Culture initiated by Student’s Executive Board (BEM) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), on Wednesday (6/5).

            According to Zawawi, culture is small thing yet having massive impact towards human life. “Ahmad Dahlan, Muhammadiyah founder would like to evolve diversity, not differences. Those terms are slightly different. Diversity does not concern on problem while differences lead a problem,” said him in the workshop held in Theater room, UMM Dome.

            For him, the differences should become personal identity in order to create positive energy. Zawawi rates that this such positive energy could lead to creative workings that could be valued by nation. “A graduate of elementary school could be valued by nation since he could invent something precious toward society. It’s all due to positive energy established within himself,” said Zawawi.

            To liven the workshop, he implied poetic words and jokes in delivering the material before 300 audiences. “Do you have any idea the difference between Garuda and you? Garuda stays within my chest while you exist within my heart,” he said as being welcomed by round of applause.

            Before finishing the material, he sang his own poetry titled “Puisi ini Koruptor”. Energetically, he recited critical-toned poetry towards corruptors. The workshop was one of National Culture Parade Series (PBN) held by BEM UMM. Besides Zawawi Imron, this workshop also invited Indonesia Sociologist Muhammad Hayat, M.A. President of Student’s Executive Board Elgi Zulfakar Diniy also contributed as speaker in this workshop.

            Apart from this workshop, PBN also served Culture Parade followed by 17 local organizations (Orda) in Malang. They came from various regions throughout Indonesia such as: Aceh, West Borneo, and others. It was started from Sengkaling Food Festival (SFF) to UMM Helipad. It was closed by Conferment Night showing culture performances from all Ordas. (zul/han/t_stu)



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