Yudi Latief: UMM Miniature of Indonesia

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 07, 2017 14:01 WIB
 SOUVENIR: UKP-PIP Head Yudi Latief PhD receive souvenir from UMM Rector at hall dome on Thursday, September 9. Yudi Latief come to give a public lecture during the closing ceremony of New Students Study Introduction UMM. (Photo by  UMM Public  Relation)

PRESIDENTIAL Working Unit for Pancasila Ideology Development (UKP-PIP) chief Yudi Latief, specifically mentioned  University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) as an Indonesia  miniature. This was due to he was amazed after knowing the representation of students from each region all over Indonesia at UMM. "I've never come to college which all tribes are exist. But at UMM, all the tribes are exist," said Yudi Latif during a closing of New Student Study Introduction (Pesmaba) UMM 2017 on Saturday, September 9 at UMM Dome.

The presence of Yudi Latif can not be separated from Indonesia Achievement Icon Appreciation that given by President Joko Widodo to UMM through UKP-PIP. In his speech, Yudi emphasized, as a glue of ethnic and religious diversity, Pancasila was a meeting point,  departure point, and destination point in every life of  nation and state. "Without Pancasila, the future of Indonesia becomes blurred, undirection and unpurpose," Yudi said.

In addition to invite UMM new students to live Pancasila as the foundation of nation and state life,Yudi also emphasized the urgency of internalization of value in every part of life, especially facing world of lectures. "Do not just be a textbook thinker, do not just learn academic sciences and skills. But give the value, because that value gives us forwards guidance. Study religion with heart, learn Pancasila  in order to appreciate diversity, "he said.

Yudi then closed his speech by inviting all new students to always live, understand and practice Pancasila as the foundation of nation and state life. "Learn science as high as possible, through it we can become a professionalist that has a noble heart, bringing this nation to unite. A color can be united, a sense can be interlocked, sustenance can  be shared for happiness of our life, under Pancasila foundation value, "he concluded.

The confirmation of UKP-PIP regarding Pancasila as well as to improve nuance of Pesmabanationality . During opening of Pesmaba, UMM students hadsuccessfully performed four nationalism flashmobs, namely the symbol of Garuda Bird, the sentences "UMM for Indonesia" and "Jas Merah Kampus Putih", and the Indonesian islandformation.

In addition to Yudi, also attending the event were members of Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) RI Abdul Malik Fadjar, specialist UKP-PIP Father Benny Susetyo, and UMM Rector Fauzan and university official and even faculty leaders. On this occasion, UMM through the Rector also pinned the UMM almamater jacket on Yudi Latif. (Naz)



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