Vice-President Jusuf Kalla Inaugurate Five New UMM Infrastructures

Author : Humas | Saturday, April 06, 2019 16:52 WIB

Vice-President Jusuf Kalla signing five inscriptions of the new UMM infrastructures. (Photo: Rino/Humas)

UNIVERSITY of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) keep on doing a physical development in supporting the academicals or non-academicals activities. The latest infrastructures were built independently such as 9 floored Shared Lecture Hall (GKB) IV and renovating meeting hall to be a Garden Ship Hotel Sengkaling.

While the other latest infrastructures were assisted by the government through Minister For Public Works and Human Settlements (PUPR). Those three assisted infrastructures were two units of bridges, which are Sengkaling Bridge and GKB IV Bridge and one unit of a Simple Apartment for Rent (Rusunawa).

The presence of the vice President (Wapres) of Republic Indonesia Dr. (H.C.) Drs. H. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla in the opening of National Festival II UMM Saturday (6/4), were also to inaugurate 5 new infrastructures. The inauguration was started by signing the inscription after Jusuf Kalla opens the agenda that attended by thousands of students and different elements of society and religions background.

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 “Several times went to the University of Muhammadiyah Malang and always awe the development of private university like UMM. The Ideas, spirit, the campus that split by the river (Brantas) and of course the result of the academic products which make me proud,” he said witnessed by the Minister of Education and Culture, the governor of East Java, and any other official government elements.

UMM, Jusuf Kalla continued, for that matter not just as a Muhammadiyah campus. It is because the campus feels very clear the brotherhood and the diversity that represent a good diversity. “Our progress will be very determined by this educational model,” said Jusuf Kalla in 2014 that also inaugurate UMM Hospital.

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In this occasion, there are also held the exhibition of the students and lecturers research products, both from UMM and also from other Muhammadiyah Universities. This research products exhibition intended to be introduced for the response of the businessman. The vice President Jusuf Kalla was also looking at these research products after officially opened the Nation Festival II.

This event was organized and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbud RI), Chinese Indonesian Association (INTI), company performers and owners, and Christian Church Consultative Institution. The audiences were not just students, but consists of religious figures, ethnic figures, organizations figures, and government officials. (joh)



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