Indonesian House of Representative Tested the Concept of RUU EBT with UMM Experts

Author : Humas | Saturday, August 11, 2018 08:54 WIB
Members of the Indonesian Parliament visited UMM Micro Hydro Micro Hydro Power Plant
Being popular, New and Renewable Energy (EBT) recently continues to process to be developed and improved from various aspects. One of them is designing a legal umbrella for EBT perpetrators.
Being one of the aspects in the design of the legal umbrella is a concept test involving academics in it. Having Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) since 2007, makes University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) become the only private campus that was invited by the Republic of Indonesia's House of Representatives (DPR) to test the concept of the EBT Bill.
"For a long time, I wanted to collaborate with a private campus to jointly test the concept of the EBT Bill which we ( would propose to the government," explained Agus Hermato, Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Wednesday (8/8).
Receiving the Republic of Indonesia's DPR, Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si, admitted that UMM was also a reference for several institutions to conduct research on EBT.
"Because UMM is one of the biggest campuses owned by Muhammadiyah and for a long time, we have experience in developing new renewable energy in the form of PLTMH," he explained.
Strengthening the stigma that UMM is a renewable energy conscious campus, Syamsul Arifin added that UMM not only built PLTMH for electricity needs in the campus area, but also for the community by formalizing Sumbermaron PLTMH in 2012.
"In addition to having PLTMH in the campus area, our experts are also alleviating the problem of electricity supply in the Sumbermaron area and now there is Sumbermaron PLTMH there," he explained.
Seeing the seriousness of UMM in managing natural resources wisely, the ranks of representatives of the Indonesian House of Representatives stated that the role of academics in this concept test is very much needed, considering that academics will be directly involved in the community.
"The concept test of the new renewable energy law draft is very important and requiring input from academics," said Agus.
Meanwhile, the presence of Agus Hermanto who is also the Coordinator of the Industry and Development of Indonesian House of Representatives to UMM is also a form of enlarging the material concept between the invitation-makers and the academics before the legislation is passed.
"Our presence here is one of our efforts to be able to make this law legalized to be able to provide benefits wisely to all parties," explained the man from Semarang. (ard)


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