Tanjungpura University Learning to FKIP UMM

Author : Humas | Thursday, June 27, 2019 14:55 WIB
The meetings in the FKIP Auditorium UMM. (Photo: Special)

The Dean of the Faculty of Teacher and Training EducationUniversity of Muhammadiyah Malang (FKIP-UMM) Dr. Poncojari Wahyono M.Kes received a senate delegation from Tanjungpura University (27/6). The visit was intended to learn toFKIP-UMM related to academic administration. “The Dean said that FKIP UMM was always committed to developing, according to the vision and mission of FKIP UMM,” Poncojari said.

FKIP-UMM currently has 7 Department (Prodi), all of which are accredited by BAN-PT, except the Pancasila and Citizenship Education (PPKN) Department.Those are Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department, Biology Education Department, English Education Department, Mathematics Education Department, Elementary School Teacher Education Department (PGSD), and new Department in FKIP-UMM Teacher Professional Program (PPG).

Poncojari said, in the implemented academic mechanism, the dean provides an opportunity for youth to accommodate opportunities for abroad cooperation. “In order to be cognitive, affective and good seminar presentations, both domestically and abroad.”Students at FKM UMM also take FLSP courses and equip them in TOEP and TOEFL which equivalent to Diploma 1.

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 “Our students in 2018, thank God, were given an award from the State of Thailand during an international internship. This is the proof and promotion of the quality of our students," said Poncojari. As a field laboratory, UMM has a sengkaling recreational park, hospitals, hotels, and other business units, the business sector can contribute to the students as well as helping the campus operational.

Vice DeanI FKIP-UMM Dr.Sudiran M.Hum also advises periodically, how to keep innovatiingand renewingalso provide services to improve achievement. Sudiran said, in 1992 FKIP-UMM struggled to find students until now working hard towards International Recognition, cooperation with China for student exchange and Thailand for an internship.

At the level of research and service, FKIP-UMM provides block grants, which are implemented both domestically and abroad, and the results are included in the JINOP journal (already accreditedby Sinta), JPBI (Sinta 2), and Kembara (Sinta 3). FKIP UMM was given a quota for almost 1,000 PPG quotas, and after this FKIP UMM got the opportunity to trainPrincipals throughout Indonesia.

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 “In supporting the students to work right away, Industry Internships and BUMNs wereheld, so that at the end of the program and when they graduate they will get a job opportunity. Besides that, in the lecture, we appreciate 1 semester in this internship.” The faculty leadership accommodates and harmonizes in the strategic plan of each Department," said Poncojari in the Meeting Room of the Joint Lecture Building 1.

Meanwhile, Vice Dean II Drs. Marhan Taufik, M.Pd, said that FKIP facilitated in terms of DPK (Special Agreement Lecturers), both DPK PNS, University DPK, and permanent Lecturers at the University.“In our report, we fill the LLDIKTI and the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. The management of the foundation is open to the public every year according to their individual needs,” Marhan explained.

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As a Muhammadiyahmovementcampus, students from various backgrounds are required to take Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan (AIK), TPA Tests, and microteaching tests.He also must adjust the State Regulations.Funding is obtained from the Center / LLDIKTI and also from the management of the foundation.Writing teaching books is encouraged by providing faculty and university funding.

On the other hand, Vice DeanIII Drs Rohmad Widodo M, Si said about the slogan, “There are no days without achievements, There are no achievements that are not appreciated, no violations are not sanctioned”.In addition, students are provided with the ability of seminars, workshops, and involvement of students in lecturer research, coachingAIK students, coachingstudent interest and community development, and others.

In addition, the Senate of Tanjungpura University, Drs.Abdus Somat expressed his gratitude for thehospitality, and shared knowledge, in terms of processing a large and rapidly growing foundation.In addition, he gave a high appreciation for the progress of FKIP-UMM as an inspiration for the establishment of PPG Study Program, and as an educational activity to accommodate teacher training study programs.(joh)



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