UMM Makes World Class University

Author : Humas | Saturday, July 24, 2010 13:21 WIB

           The hard work of the Infocom institution of UMM in its attempt to realize its mission as a world class university is getting closer to reality. Among the Muhammadiyah universities, UMM is in first rank of Webometric. Ir. Suyatno, M.P, Head of Infocom institution, stated that UMM has successfully entered on the order of 2310 from 12,000 colleges across the world. "When it is viewed from all universities in Indonesia, UMM is at level 17 and ranked fourth among private universities," he said on Tuesday afternoon (7/20). The achievement jumped sharply compared to last January which only ranked 4,729 among 10,000 of world college universities, that was ranked 35 in Indonesia and the 4th position among Muhammadiyah universities.

           Webometric is a college ranking system of the entire world based on the websites owned by each. Meanwhile, the assessment is conducted twice a year; January and July. Assessment criteria are taken based on four points: first, in terms of size, including the number of pages in the website and the number of domains and sub domains. Second, visibility, namely the large number of users outside UMM who make link to the UMM website, which gives the portion of the assessment up to 50% of the total assessment. Third, they are Rich Files, such as doc, pdf, ppt, ps, and others. The greater number of extension will help in adding scores. The fourth, it is scholar, which is the number of UMM scientific works which are recognized as a source of libraries by Google. "At the first, there are only 39 scientific papers that are recognized by Google. Next, it reaches up to 7310 scientific papers per day. Those all come from the lecturers’ research and students’ thesis," explained Suyatno.

           Suyatno also stated that it needs paradigm change to do it all. "If in the past UMM downloaded much, now it should be UMM which uploads files as references for outsiders. So, it needs to be instilled that students’ thesis are also benefit to others," said the lecturer of Animal Husbandry Department.

            Synergies of activities that contribute to increased ratings are continually being pursued. Some of them are training website for students, creating a sub domain for all units within the UMM, student activity units (UKM) and HMJ (student association of department). "Even, at the time of internet training for new students, they are required to make a blog," he explained excitedly.

            "The most important reward of these achievements is in the form of prestige for UMM. Moreover Directorate General of Higher Education (Dikti) has already declared that the whole universities in Indonesia must be signed in the World Class University level," he said proudly. High ranking in terms of Webometric will provide incentives for the international promotion as well as possibility to be written in the book The Promoting University issued by Dikti. One of the advantages can be taken is the possibility to get more grants plucked from inside and outside the country, cooperation with other institutions will come easily, and it is certainly positive assessment of the accreditation of the institution. rwp/jss/t_alf



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