UMM Changes Foreign Student Impression about Islam

Author : Humas | Friday, February 27, 2015 11:14 WIB

First time came to Indonesia in the middle of 2012, Marina Dobosova, still unsure with the impression of “scary” Muslim in Indonesia. How not, as long as her trip experience to various countries, UMM student from Slovakia has very minimal information about Indonesia.

“Even in Europe, Islamic impression is scary, so I was afraid in that time,” said Marina. But, when came to UMM, all negative stereotype were gone. She recognized UMM as campus which contained various cultural background but very harmonious.

Indonesia is so attractive for Marina, but UMM more interesting. Indonesia, he said, became a country that successfully to pass the phase of democracy transition, as well as Slovakia that separated from the communism of Soviet Union. “Therefore I interested to study about media in Indonesia for my dissertation in Slovakia University,” said journalist who started like ‘Soto Ayam’/chicken soup.     

Reporting experience to various countries was shared to UMM student in lecturing at classes. She became a volunteer to assist lectures taught in journalism course or media and community in Department of Communication Science. “I like to share experiences when became reporter and traveled to 11 countries. I hope it was helpful,” she said.

Marina is one from dozens of foreign student UMM. Through Darmasiswa scholarship from the government of Indonesia, she learned language and Indonesia culture. Other than that, she could help lecture to teach as volunteer. It was also conducted by other foreign students who are studying at UMM, both from internship program or AISEC.

“UMM is large campus and glory. In Slovakia there is no a campus as large as this campus because my country is small. But I like here because of the peace, Muslim like peace, tolerant, no limit,” she said.  (zul/nas)




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