UMM Inaugurate The Vice of MPR RI Ahmad Basarah As a Postgraduate Lecturer

Author : Humas | Monday, April 01, 2019 17:26 WIB

Dr. H. Ahmad Basarah, MH. (red alma mater) receive a souvenir from UMM Rector Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd. (left). (Photo: Zaky/Humas)

The Vice of People's Consultative Assembly Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI) Dr. H. Ahmad Basarah, MH. attended an event of Four Pillars Socialization in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Sunday (31/3). In this event, UMM Rector Dr. H. Fauzan, M.Pd. inaugurate Ahmad as a Lecturer of UMM Postgraduate at once.

After the inauguration of this PDI Perjuangan fraction leader of MPR RI, Ahmad admits his proudness. “By my inauguration as one of the lecturers in Posgraduate UMM, it means that I am Fauzan’s subordinate,” revealed this doctoral degree of Law with joking tone then raised the audience laughter.

Then, Ahmad delivered important materials about Indonesian ideology Pancasila. As he said, the ideology that recently applied in neighboring countries were capitalism liberalism ideology, where strong capital owners will dominate the market and threaten the weak capital owners.

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Moreover, Ahmad said that the ideology of freedom was recently applied. This ideology is fun yet threatening for their citizens. That is because this ideology could endanger the values of Indonesian Ideology Pancasila.

He was worried about the next generation of Indonesia in maintaining the values of Pancasila. It is because many neighboring countries started to apply a contradictory regulation towards the values of Pancasila. Such as the legalization of LGBT. This is a serious threat to Indonesia.

 “Thailand is one of the countries that proposed legalization of LGBT last year. While last November, Singapore proposed a revocation application of anti-homosexual regulation. This is a warning for Indonesian citizens,” said Baskara

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Regardless ofthe good or bad an ideology, Baskara confirmed that there are some points in proving that Indonesian ideology Pancasila is better than any other ideology. “It is better than Communism because, in Pancasila, we have the first principle which is Belief in the One and Only God,” Baskara said.

 “It is better than Liberalism and Capitalism because we have the fifth principle which is Social justice for all Indonesians, and way more better than the Khilafah systems in the style of ISIS extremists (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), because we have the third principle which is A unified Indonesia,” he said.

Besides the inaugural event, Rector Fauzan also gave a massage before the election next 17th April. He wishes that there will be more Muhammadiyah cadres who successful in the next democratic party. “I wish that Muhammadiyah becomes a home where the cadres are everywhere,” concluded Fauzan. (joh)



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