UMM Laboratories: Should be All Accrediated

Author : Humas | Wednesday, February 11, 2015 12:02 WIB
Berita UMM

Laboratories in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) once again received Rector’s attention. Academic Quality Assurance Bureau (BKMA) and Academic Administration Bureau (BAA) invited all heads of laboratory as well as chiefs of department in a laboratory workshop on Monday (9/2). It was aimed to strengthen laboratory existence in supporting student’s competence.

Vice Rector II, Fauzan, hoped all laboratories in UMM had been certificated. Therefore, standard of facility, practicum, and service in laboratory should be meet competence and skill requirement. “Next year, I hope all laboratories have been accredited,” told him.

UMM has been known as having great concern on laboratory. Hundreds of laboratories in university, faculty, and department level should be developed to provide a better service for student’s practicum, research, and development. In terms of human resources, it still shows infirmity: small number of laboratory staffs.

Vice Rector II appreciated the creativity of several laboratories which had create an invention despite the small human resources owned by university. “I think we could be regarded as leading university because these such innovations,” said Fauzan as showing many softwares developed by Information Technology laboratory, one of which was software for memorizing short surah in Al-Qur’an.

Chief of Communication Department, Sugeng Winarno, explained that his department needed updated facilitates in the laboratory due to the available facilities were out of date according to current TV technology development. “Apparently, students have shown their creativity in spite of limited laboratory facilities. The updated facilities will certainly support their creativity even more,” said him optimistically.  

In workshop, there were also many evaluations related to laboratory facilities. Particularly, FPP laboratory will be transmitted into a bigger and modern area. Moreover, the additional aid: an updated physiotherapy was one of conclusive evidence of university interest in developing laboratory.

“It should be realized that there are several things to repair. Currently, we focus on them and strive to synchronize them with accreditation standard requirement,” Fauzan ended. (sel/nas/t_stu)




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