UMM Prepare KKN Scheme with TKI in Kinabalu

Author : Humas | Wednesday, July 31, 2019 10:48 WIB
Vice Rector III, Dr. Sidiq Suharyo, SH., M.Si, M.Hum, take a photo with all the members of the Consulate General Republic Indonesia Malaysia Kinabalu City area.

As one of the main city in Malaysia, Kinabalu City becomes the place of Indonesian Workers (TKI). It cannot be denied that there are so many illegal TKI working in that city. No citizenship makes their child cannot get a formal education in this country official school.

After knowing this condition, The Directorate for Research and Community Service University of Muhammadiyah Malang (DPPM UMM) will send their students to Kinabalu, especially the oil palm plantation areas. This student’s departures will be in the form of Community Service (KKN) that focusing on education and psychology.

“They can only take education in the Community Learning Center (CLC), the Indonesian government learning center for Indonesian residents. While the minimum amount of teacher in CLC was not enough to guarantee a proper education,” said Prof. Dr. Yus Mochammad Cholily, UMM DPPM director, Tuesday (30//7)

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Not just the aspect of education, there are many other problems found. "The implementation of CLC there is still not very feasible. The building is made of woven bamboo and zinc. The teacher is only one person. They need to be educated from all kinds of things such as education, health, psychological and administration," Yus added.

This activity has been bridged by the Consulate General of Republic Indonesiain Kinabalu. DPPM scheduled this international KKN to start in 2019/2020 next semester. So far, UMM DPPM is preparing the guidelines and looking for sponsorship funds for this Community Service Program.

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This year's UMM International KKN has been participated by 97 students.The KKN held in six countries namely Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Cambodia & Taiwan. These selected students will serve for six weeks and run programs in three fields. Those are the fields of environment, education, and health. (joh)



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