UMM are Ready to Apply E-Learning and Online Presence

Author : Humas | Thursday, February 09, 2017 13:23 WIB

Almost coming to the even semester which would be begun on February 13, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) more matured the academic system. This was done by holding E-Learning training (Google Classroom) and Online Presence for Faculty of Law (FH) and Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) for two days, Thursday-Friday (9-10/2).

This training would bring the enactment of presence and learning systems in the network (online) at UMM. FH and FAI became two faculties which were being the subject before the program was applied in all faculties. Of all the universities in Malang, UMM became the first campus implemented this technology.

Head of UMM Institute of Information and Communications (Infokom), Ir Suyatno, MSI said, e-learning and online presence would increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the academic system, and reduce excessive paper usage.

"Once UMM already enabled e-learning, but stopped because there are some obstacles. Now, the technology is more advanced, so it is important to activate and develop e-learning anymore. It will allow faculty and students to carry out the daily learning activities, "said Suyanto.

Later, the presence was no longer done by lecturers which called students’ name or had signatures. Presence was done by scanning Student Identity Card (KTM) using barcode scan engines (barcode scanner) to be connected with the app on Chromebook, a type of portable computer (laptop) specifically for the learning.

Interestingly, the presence and duration of the learning done by lecturers and students would be recorded automatically through chromebook. Students was recorded when they scanned the KTM. While the duration of learning was recorded since log in until log out at UMM email account owned by the lecturer.

"This is a revolutionary program. All will be recorded accurately and not have to work manually. Data automatically stored and monitored by the leader to lecturers or lecturers to the students will be faster, "said Suyanto.

In addition, this program also incorporated technologies from google classroom, that creating a 'class' online. Lecturers could give assignments to students through the application, and students could also directly upload their duties. Students who collected their assignments would be immediately apparent and also the ones who did not collect. Lecturers was able to comment on the assignments submitted and making a score also.

"Therefore, each class will be given support facilities Chromebook that will allocarted and managed by the administration. When the class started, students can take a Chromebook and also after it, the Chromebook will be returned to the administration, "said Suyanto. (Ich / han)



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