Succeeding the Makassar 47th Muhammadiyah Congress

Author : Humas | Thursday, July 30, 2015 16:30 WIB

‘From Muhammadiyah for Nation’ is a motto proposed by the Rector of Univesity of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP which is perfect to be used in welcoming the Makassar 47th Muhammadiyah Congresson on 3-7 August 2015 in Anging Mamiri, Makassar. As a university belonging to the Muhammadiyah Association, UMM is ready to succeed the congress having agenda in arranging the work plan and selecting the Head of Central Board for 2015-2020 period.

Since its forming in 1912 by KH Ahmad Dahlan, the Muhammadiyah Association has dedicated its struggle for the development of Islam society and Indonesia. It is not merely focusing on the Islamic teaching, but also covering real aspects of life of both local and international society. Since its forming up until now, Muhammadiyah have been contributing in human empowerment through several philanthropic efforts such as in education (pre-school to tertiary education), health (maintenance of public welfare (PKU), polyclinic, and hospital), economy, social institution, and many more.

Moreover, UMM is one of the philanthropic efforts by Muhammadiyah Association which is known as a great and advanced university. It was officially established in 1964. It has been decades since it helped the other Muhammadiyah Universities (PTM) especially in Eastern Indonesia. As one of the best, UMM now are equal to other public universities (PTN). One of the indicators that shown the equality is the gain of score A on Institution Accreditation by Indonesian National Accreditation Agency (BAN-PT). Moreover, UMM now is considered as World-Class University. As the successor of previous rectors who have made substantial contribution, Muhadjir Effendy has done lots of expansions in the development of academic culture and its supporting factors. One of the expansions is the establishment of profit centers such as UMM Inn, UMM Dome, Gas Station (SPBU), UMM Hospital, Micro hydro Power Plant, Workshop and many more. In 2014, UMM fully acquired the Sengkaling Amusement Park. Through these profit centers, UMM will be more strong institutionally and its stability and continuity will be fully granted.   

In welcoming the congress, all the UMM academicians are actively administering many events such as scientific discussion, workshop, seminar and research to collect ideas in form of recommendation of work plans that will be arranged in the congress.

By the success of UMM as the host of the previous congress, Muhadjir and staffs shared their experiences as the committee to the next congress’ committee and also sent representatives to enliven the next congress in Makassar. (inf/t_far)




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