UMM Was Ready to Make Professional Novice Lecturers through PEKERTI

Author : Humas | Monday, August 19, 2019 16:42 WIB
The atmosphere of the Instructional Basic Engineering Training (PEKERTI). Photo: (Zaky / PR)

A profession as an educator (Lecturer) was not an easy job. A lecturer had to have sufficient knowledge, behave well and had interesting teaching techniques so that their students were able to receive the material presented well.

Therefore, the Human Resources Management Agency (BPSDM) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang held an Instructional Technical Basic Skills Training (PEKERTI) which was held in the economic courtroom of the 1st floor of the Gedung Kuliah Bersama, Wednesday (8/14).

The event which was attended by Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. as the Vice Rector 1 of UMM, followed by dozens of beginner lecturers from various study programs at UMM. In addition to providing material on Quality and Professional Policy, Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. also officially opened the training.

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PEKERTI itself was required by all teaching staffs in the White Campus UMM. The purpose of this training was as a provision for the novice lecturers before they went to face a variety of backgrounds from their students directly.

Provisions meant here were various things related to learning, starting from learning theory, teaching theory, learning methods, strategies until an evaluation of learning, even make a series and learning tools, until practice (Micro Teaching).

In this training activity, there are 3 stages. That was the refinement of concepts that conducted for 2 days. After getting the training on refinement of concepts, the participants would be given 2 weeks to compile the learning tools that were used for one semester, in this case the participants would have the task to prepare the Semester Lesson Plans (RPS) and Lesson Plans (RPP).

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After the RPS and RPP were made, these novice lecturers would begin learning in class for 5 weeks. At this stage, they had to apply RPS and RPP that had been made previously. In addition, in implementing learning, these novice lecturers would be accompanied by facilitators whose task to assist their teaching activities in class and monitor the novice lecturers whether they had implemented the results of the training they had participated in.

Dr. Hari Windu Asrini, M.Si. as the chief executive revealed the function of the facilitator itself was as a companion where they could provide corrections or input to the novice lecturer.

"In terms of learning, experience has an important role. Considering this thing is related to the experience of novice lecturers in presenting material in front of the class, "said Rini.

Besides been attended by a number of novice lecturers, this training was also attended by a number of lecturers who already had many experiences but had never attended PEKERTI training before. This could happen because of the importance of the certificate from this training itself. Considering that the certificate obtained could be used to take care of anything related to rank, lecturer certification because in doing so it had to attach a certificate of PEKERTI.

"Alhamdulillah, UMM has been given the authority to organize this PEKERTI training, if other universities still have to take part in LLDIKTI Kopertis," Rini added. UMM haD held this training for the 22nd time. (Win)



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