UMM Greets Campus Tour Visitor Number 2010

Author : Humas | Monday, June 07, 2010 11:31 WIB

        Center for Environment and Population Studies (PSLK) UMM welcomed this year 2010 in a special way. Coinciding with the Environmental Day, PSLK celebrated it by having Reog Ponorogo dance and planting guava trees in the UMM garden. The event was conducted by the Vice Rector II, Drs. Mursidi, MM and the Chief of PSLK Drs. WahyuPrihanta, M. Kes.

Vice Rector II said, caring for the environment should be warmly welcomed by anyone, including the academicians of UMM. To maintain the environmental areas as well as possible, UMM believes PSLK can manage it. However, all people in this campus has the same responsibility to keep the campus environment clean. "So, all of us, including the visitors will feel comfort being in this campus," said Mursidi.

        The potential of UMM, added Mursidi, represents a great potential for academic destination. Not only for recreation, but also to learn a variety of knowledge in the units that are available at campus.

        Wahyu Prihanta noted, for 2010, until today the campus tour visitors reached 2010 people. For a campus, that number is certainly very significant. It means, UMM has shown itself as an object of tourist attraction that educates and has been known by the public. "UMM is the only university which opened its campus for tourist potential," he promoted.

In addition, PSLK through the campus tour likes to invite all visitors to care for the environment. "That is why planting of fruit trees are aimed to build a garden that has potential as future tourism," Wahyu concluded. On that day, a hundred of high school students of SMAN 2 Batu were served as special visitors and joined a ceremony of the Environment Day. (rwp/nas/t_ris)



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