UMM Seized Champion In Chinese Contest

Author : Humas | Monday, December 19, 2016 17:10 WIB
Ana Sophia Siregar was receiving appreciation as the first winner of Chinese Contest.

Three students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won the first and third place on the Chinese Competition which was held at Chinese General Consulate in Surabaya, October 10 to November 10. Unlike the most, this event was held by online system.

They were Ana Sophia Siregar (Food Science Technology / ITP) and Fikri Ramadhan Siregar (Faculty of Psychology). Both won the first place for the same score got. While, Dwi Fariyana Wiraningtyas (Pharmacy), won the third place.

Ana and Fikri got a portable computer (laptop) from the China Kinjen as well as coaching money for 1.5 million rupiah from UMM. Meanwhile, Dwi also got a portable computer from China Kinjen and money guidance from UMM for 500 thousand rupiah. The prize carried out at the State University of Surabaya, Sunday (11/12) last week. Gift was given directly by the Chinese general consulate in Surabaya, Gu Jingqi.

Competition was attended by 20 selected universities in East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Bali and NTT. In addition to UMM, three were other universities in Malang which also be a competitor, those were Ma Chung University, Brawijaya University and State University of Malang. The online system was applied in this contest was made for unlimited participants. 332 UMM active students were appointed to follow the contest through address. There were 50 rounds question on the website. For not a few number of questions, the time allowed to complete was relatively short, only 30 minutes.

UMM experienced an increase fairly rapidly. Last year, on the same contest, UMM was in the fourth place. This year, besides winning the first and third, UMM also won in the category of universities with the most participants.

Assistant Rector of Cooperation, Drs Soeparto MPd declared that, this achievement could not be separated from the positive effects since the establishment of China Corner at UMM in May. This strengthens further the cooperation between UMM with China. "Since the launch of China Corner at UMM in May, students have the media to learn more about China," he said.

These achievements had an impact on strengthening the internationalization of UMM. Soeparto said that, China had a strong resource. Soeparto analogized China as a present tense in terms of English grammar. China had now become an eye to the future, mainly to ASEAN. Even so, the Chinese culture was increasingly understood by the students still did not eliminate the local cultures and Islam embedded to the UMM students.

"With the strength of UMM-China cooperation, the students will learn more and more about Chinese culture. It is important to provide students when acting in the scope of ASEAN in the future, "continued Soeparto. (Ich / han)



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