UMM Receives Research Grant of Ten Billion Rupiahs from DIKTI

Author : Humas | Monday, March 23, 2015 18:23 WIB
The only one: Regarding as the only one private university receiving cluster Mandiri, UMM earns research grant of 10 billion rupiahs from Directorate of Higher Education.


University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) received grant of ten billions rupiahs from Directorate General of Higher Education (Ditjen Dikti) RI due to UMM status achieving cluster Mandiri in Research last 2014. The grant has been raised compared to previous year which was two billions rupiahs.

            The director of Directorate of Research and Society Service (DPPM) UMM Prof. Dr. Ir. Sujono, M.Kes explained that university status determined valuation received from Dikti. “Actually, cluster Mandiri might receive higher than that,” said Sujono.

            Cluster Mandiri is highest category in Dikti Research Standardization. Other serial categories are: cluster Binaan, Madya, and Utama. Based on current research, there are only 14 universities throughout Indonesia receiving cluster Mandiri: UMM, ITB, UGM, UI, Unpad, IPB, UNS, Unhas, Undip, UB, Unair, ITS, UPN Veteran East Java, and University of Andalas

            According to Sujono, as attributing as cluster Utama, UMM could not evaluate its own researches. It is called as centralization working evaluation in which evaluation could only be done by selected researchers from Dikti.  

            “Meanwhile, in decentralization (as being attributed as cluster Mandiri) UMM could directly evaluate its own researches,” he said. From data gained by DPPM UMM, in this year there have been 11 research schemas and 102 proposals. Adding, he also explained that the status achieved by UMM was due to massive proposals owned by UMM. It would be impossible to fund all faculty proposals if UMM merely achieved cluster Utama. “This such achievement is the result of our eight-month hard work,” he added.

            By owning many doctoral faculties, Sujono hoped it would increase research fund. “InsyaAllah we could maintain this status,” he hoped. UMM is the only university labelling as cluster Mandiri among 13 state universities. Currently, UMM has received International Standard ISO 9001:2008. (nay/zul/han/t_stu)




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