UMM, PTS No. 1 Web Repository Rank in Indonesia and No. 24 ASEAN

Author : Humas | Friday, February 13, 2015 16:52 WIB

Again, Website University of Muhammadiyah Malang was in the first rank of PTS Indonesia in Web Repository Rank edition February 2015. For Indonesia level, UMM was ranked 11. In the level of ASEAN Universities, UMM repository was ranked 24.

As known, in addition to university website rank (webometrics), Cybermetrics lab also held university repository ranking around the world. Repository assessed the content of website, especially the content of scientific work in a university. In this care there are 4 components to be assessed; size (number of pages), Visibility (number of external link), Rich Files (number of scientific work) and Scholar (the number of scientific work quoted by others). The ranking was held twice a year, February edition and July.

“Alhamdulillah, in this edition, UMM repository succeeded in rank 11 PTN/PTS in Indonesia, also no 1 for PTS Indonesia. Even in ASEAN level, UMM in rank 24,” said Suyatno, Head of Infokom UMM.

In this edition, rank 1 to 3 was placed by IPB, Undip, and ITS. This achievement must be grateful considering the competition of university website quality is increasingly competitive. Many of university are work hard and trying to improve the rank.

The ranking web repository in Indonesia February 2015 edition as bellow: 

to see the overall ranking can be accessed in this address, while for ASEAN ranking can be seen in this address



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