UMM Press Invites Lecturers to Look How Big the Opportunity of Textbook Market

Author : Humas | Thursday, April 12, 2018 10:51 WIB
Material explanation on Workshop that was attended by all UMM Lecturers on Wednesday (11/4)

Textbooks give big influence for students and education. Unfortunately, there are not many textbooks in Indonesia and it causes problems. For instance, papers, resumes, and research reports are written in a conventional format. Luthfi J.Kurniawan, Director of Intrans Publishing, on the Enrichment of Textbook Writing held by University of Muhammadiyah Press (UMM Press), and Directorate of Research and Community Engagement (DPPM) UMM in Senate Courtroom on Wednesday (12/4) said, “Papers, resumes, or research reports usually are written to fulfill the need of academic”.

In Luthfi’s opinion, textbooks in Indonesia have a great market opportunity. Unfortunately, they often fail to be best sellers because of some reasons. Luthfi said, “Campus publishing and regular publishing have different perspectives. Campus publishing is a cash flow-oriented. It has good content but not for marketing or business”.

 Marketing, design, and content are important things that need to be considered by lecturers to write a textbook. Title, cover, lead, content, and conclusion are points that make a textbook interesting to read. The Expert Staff of UMM Publishing, Yunan Syaifullah said, “The introduction should be 10 percent, content 80 percent, and conclusion 10 percent. All should be in balance”.

 Yunan said that the financial provided by both internal and external parties such as Sampoerna Foundation. But, the problem usually faced by a writer of textbook is proposal presentation of interesting book. Yunan said, “When we propose funding to external parties, we should create an interesting cover for our books. It will be better if there is a special unit for writers for cover visualization”.

There are things that need to be considered by authors, which are an interesting title, introduction or prologue (writer usually writes a synopsis for about six pages maximum, table of content, content, evaluation of the content, index, bibliography, and about writer in a glance. Yunan said, “Do not forget to check the plagiarism. The writer can print out the statistic and script in two exemplars”. (lus)



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