UMM is Aware about Food Safety for Eid Al-Adha

Author : Humas | Thursday, August 23, 2018 09:52 WIB

In the holy Quran surah Al-Kautsar (108) section 1-2, it is explained that Allah commands humans to pray (shalat) and sacrifice to prove their gratefulness for what they have in lives. Sacrifice is not only about slaughtering animals and distributing meat.

The health of animals that are going to be slaughtered must be checked before slaughtered, when slaughtered, and after slaughtered. This year, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) provides 7 cows and 21 goats. According to Imbang Dwi Rahayu as a member of Monitoring Team of Animal Health, UMM really is aware about animal’s health. She said, “The animals are checked when they are still alive, when they are slaughtered, and after slaughtered”.

Moreover, Imbang conveyed that UMM is aware of animal’s health because the meat will be consumed by people. “We really pay attention in animal’s health and this is the way UMM to support food security”.

Meanwhile, the process before slaughtering is also a concern, for instance when the animal is laid down. According to Bambang, the mistake during slaughtering can affect the quality of the meat. “The right handling affects meat quality. If the animal is stress, the meat is not good to consume because it is though”. When the animal is slaughtered, it must be slaughtered once in the neck and must break three lines, especially blood line must be quickly broken. “The procedures about slaughtering animals in Islam are accordance to medical procedures. If it is done in the correct way, the quality of the meat is guaranteed”. (lus)



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