UMM Pioneers KUII Post-Conference Workshop

Author : Humas | Thursday, February 12, 2015 16:58 WIB
KUII Post-Socialization: Head of Economic Empowerment MUI Central Dr Anwar Abbas (right) as explaining KUII Conference's upshot before audiences of the workshop (12/2).

Following the upshot of Indonesian Islamic Conference (KUII) in Yogyakarta during February 8th-11th conducted by Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI), University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a post-workshop held in BAU Hall, UMM on Thursday (12/2). The workshop themed “Strengthening the Islamic Role of Politic, Economy, and Socio-culture for Indonesia Justice and Civilization” has main objective to strengthen the role of Indonesian muslims which was recently known in numbers yet being inferior in role.    

            The workshop invited many speakers: Head of Economic Empowerment Department, MUI Central Dr. Anwar Abbas, Professor of Religion Sociology UMM Prof. Dr. Ishomuddin, M.Si, dan Dean of Politic and Social Studies (FISIP) UMM Dr. Asep Nurjaman, M.Si. It was directly opened by General Chairman of Private Islamic Universities Cooperation Agency (BKS-PTIS) throughout Indonesia who is also known as UMM Rector, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP.  

            In his speech, Muhadjir reminded KUII to have greater reverberation and benefits for Indonesian muslims. Therefore, it necessarily holds many follow-up events in various regionals throughout Indonesia.

            “It was very interesting. Commonly, this such workshop is conducted before conference, yet in this case we conduct it after conference. In order to follow-up the conference’s upshot, the reverberation should be made,” said Muhadjir.

            Accordingly, UMM was the first university leading this such workshop. Moreover, Muhadjir as General Chairman of BKS-PTIS Indonesia would persuade many Islamic universities to respond and socialize the conference’s upshot. “Many universities have been ready to follow. Hopefully, the reverberation will be greater and the role of Indonesian muslims hence would be recognized,” added him.

            In another occasion, Anwar Abbas explained that the role of Indonesian muslims in economy and politic was still low. “It is surprising. In the history, Islam role has significant contribution in Indonesian independence. Nowadays, it has been marginalized.”

            He indeed concluded that Indonesian independence was result of muslims role. “Had not muslim fought against colonialism, Indonesian independence would never be realized,” said him, who was former Chairman of Economy and Entrepreneurship Department in Muhammadiyah Central Council (PP).

            In further, Anwar discussed about KUII recommendation resulting “Yogyakarta Treatise”. It carried seven points about challenges for muslims, government, and society to strengthen nationalism in realizing Indonesia for independent, united, sovereign, fair, and prosperous.

            Adding, the treatise became response for current national condition which had been far away from national goals due to both liberalization and capitalization processes in politic, economy, and culture.

            “As a result, our economy will be in favor of bourgeois. It will never concern about poor,” said him.  

            In another side, Ishomuddin judged that the lack of muslims’ role was due to numerous Islam sects in Indonesia which tend to care about themselves. “Due to this condition, it will never bring Islam toward this nation,” said him, Head of Doctoral Program of Politic and Social Studies. (han/t_stu)



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