UMM-MPR RI, Exploring The Islamic Thought of Soekarno

Author : Humas | Monday, June 15, 2015 18:36 WIB

Heading to 47th Muhammadiyah Conference next August in Makassar, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) and People’s Consultative Assembly of Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI) held a seminar themed “Membedah Pemikiran Keislaman Soekarno”, Monday (15/6) in Senate Courtroom, UMM.

            The seminar invited two speakers, Head of Outreach Division of MPR RI Drs. Ahmad Basarah, M.H and Professor of Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Prof. Dr. A. Munir Mulkhan. It was opened by Vice Rector II of UMM Drs. Fauzan, M.Pd.

            In his speech, Basarah stated that a factual evidence of Soekarno’s Islamic thoughts can be recognized through his speech in June 1st, 1945 flattening about the birth of Pantja Sila (Pancasila). In that speech, according to Basarah, Soekarno used the word “Islam” 41 times, “Nation” 34 times, “God” 21 times, “Allah” 6 times, “Nationalism” 4 times, and “Muhammad” twice.

            The use of those words in his speech verified that Soekarno had attempted to build a synthesis between Islamic values and nation in Pancasila. Basarah then quoted one sentence in Soekarno’s speech, “Whenever you open my chest, and deeply see my heart, surely you will see nothing but Islam.”

            Concept of Pancasila, for Basarah, is small case of thousand actualizations of Soekarno’s Islamic thought. Accordingly, it demonstrates that Islam is the only framework of Soekarno’s thoughts. “In further, Soekarno owns progressive Islamic thoughts. It goes in a line with K.H Ahmad Dahlan, Muhammadiyah founder,” he explained.

            Confirming the statement, Munir Mulkhan explained that as a young wiping over his nation’s fate, Soekarno eventually found his religious nationalism. “For Soekarno, it is such a worshiping to own nationalism,” informed him.

            Adding, Soekarno also criticized a comportment of Moslem society at that time as “Islam Sontoloyo” representing inflexibility in terms of sharia (Islamic law). It was then transformed into Islam Rejuvenation or Islam Renaissance, not regarding sharia as the only religion foundation.   

            For him, Soekarno has presented a Cultural-Theology concept. “It is indeed rahmatan lil-alamin,” he ended. (han/t_stu)



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