UMM Has Trauma Centre for Children and Women

Author : Humas | Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:11 WIB
Menteri Pemberdayaan Perempuan  dan Perlindungan Anak (PP dan PA) Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar, S.IP di dampingi Rektor UMM Muhadjir  Effendy menandatangani prasasti peresmian TCCW UMM.

Lembaga Pengkajian dan Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Anak(LP3A) University of Muhammadiyah Malang concerned on the increasing cases of violence among women and children. It received response from the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar, S. IP. While was attending a seminar at UMM on Monday (6/21), Linda showed her supports on the development of Trauma Center for Children and Woman (TCCW) at UMM.

"I have been assured to all ministries, so the issue of women and children could be included in their work programs. This kind of problem should get attention from all part of people, including the university," said Linda, just before signing the inscription of TCCW UMM.

In a keynote speech about the treatment of HIV/Aids among women and children, Linda told that the first case of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia was discovered in 1987. Based on the data obtained from the Minister of Health, until December 2009, there were 19.973 cases in 32 provinces in Indonesia. It was about 50.3 percent caused by heterosexual transmission, 40.2 percent by the interaction of drug users, and 3.3 percent because of homosexual.

Based on gender, Linda continued, 73.7 percent of patients were male while only 25.8 percent were female. It was not a simple case to handle because it involved the future of women and children. Many women were infected by their couple high-risk sexual behavior, not by their sexual disorder. "In addition, trafficking victims suffered a lot of venereal disease or something. While the data from several countries in Asia states that married women who experience sexual violence are more likely affected by HIV/AIDS than women who did not experience violence," she added.

To prevent the problem, according to the minister, it could be done by promoting, preventing, and counseling about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, and also changing socio-cultural view of women. The concept of gender was very important for women. As a result of gender inequality, carrying on HIV/AIDS problem was not maximal. It was expected that the people who expert in health field or family doctor could get clearer about gender equality for Indonesian health development.

The Rector of UMM, Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, revealed that LP3A is the development of the Center for Women's Studies (PSWK) in UMM. "It is still embryonic, the development of vision and mission of UMM, which indeed needs to be developed. It is so, for the progress of the nation depends on how we treat women and children," explained the Rector. The phenomenon of gender equality did not need to be discussed anymore, because in some ways, women are superior to men. Such as Performance Index, it won by women lately.

The Minister took the opportunity to review the Autism Centre and TCCW location on west of UMM Rental Flat. "Through TCCW, hopefully, UMM will be able to be a pioneer in handling the problems of women and children. In addition, it is supported with facilities," said the Minister. (rwp/nas/t_ris) 




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