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Author : Humas | Saturday, September 24, 2016 12:36 WIB
UMM Rector Fauzan gave the professor's SK to Prof. Dr. Yus Mochamad Cholily MSi. Photo: Rino Anugrawan / PR.

PROF Dr Yus Mochammadi Cholily MSi did not want to be known as math’s learner but as math’s worker. According to The Professor of Mathematic University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) who was inaugurated on Saturday (24/9) by working math, He should read, try and keep training, evaluating and reformulating.

 “For math, I’m happier  to call it with math working. For me, learning mathematics is doing mathematics,” Yus Cholily Said when presented saintific oration in Professor Inauguration agenda with theme “Mathematic; science, applied, and education” at Theater Dome of UMM.

That philosophy made Yus very productive in writing scientific paper. In researching Yus has 23 scientific paper writing. At least 25 his writing had been published at several journals both national and international.

One of mathematic branches that got special intention for Yus was Graf Theory. Especially, this theory was the youngest branch of mathematic which was born in 1736. “Hence, until now there are problems in graf theory that is not finished yet,” Chief UMM Program Study of Mathematic said.

Even though the graf theory app very usefull, not jus for learning in class but also for daily activities, until in broader aspect, such social problems and economic. For instance managing transportation system and urban planning, social networking apps, until reading of market target for trading interest.

Interestingly, number of scientific discoveries about graf theory became reference of the well-known expert, Mirka Miller and Jozef Sirain. In 2013 they have made the resume of world discoveries about the crucial on Graf Theory namely degree/diameter. From 365 papers that became reference of the two experts which were writtten on title “Moore Graphs and Beyond: A survey of Degree/Diameter Problem” in which 4 of them were Yus’s scientifif papers where collaboration with UMM’s affiliation.

In broader contexts, Yus assessed  that mathematic not only exact science but also social science,” therefore, he divided mathematic in three parts, science, applied and education. “At UMM its name Mathematic Education, it’s social science,” The Lecturer who had been an exemplary lecturer of UMM (2006).

However, Yuss did not surprised if ordinary people always identified mathematic as counting and also formula’s collections. “They are just knowing and learning on that phase. Whereas Mathematic science has dimensions and broader benefit,” The lecture who has taken his master and doctoral degree at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)  

UMM Rector, Fauzan in his speech inauguration assessed  that every sciences should be functional for daily life. “Knowledges just logic, more importantly the existence of it in real life. The mathematic should be functional oriented for our daily life,” Rector Said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of UMM Trustees Daily Prof HA Malik Fajar MSc said, professors were required to answer the expectations of society. "Professor to measures the level of public confidence toward educational institutions. professors are university’s benchmark  quality,” The member of President's Advisory Council said.

Moreover, the Chairman of the Higher Education Research and Development Council of Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. H. Lincolin Arsyad MA advised that the professor not to follow the philosophy of banana trees. "Don’t follow the philosophy of banana trees, after fruiting then become dead. The contribution after becoming a Professor should be more, especially to enhance the institution’s dignity, " He concluded. (Acs / han)




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