UMM Develops Green Economy of Sapeken Island

Author : Humas | Monday, October 16, 2017 09:34 WIB


Taking picture with symbol handover activities of seaweed enclosure to POKMAS.

THROUGH Science and Technology Program of District-Corporate Social Responsibilty (IbW-CSR) sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology Research (Ristekdikti), a team of Biology lecturers Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) accompanies fishermen and grass sea farmers in the Sapeken Islands, the easternmost and furthest district of the Madura Island.

The activities took Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI Ltd), the largest oil and gas (oil and gas) company in East Java, operating in the Sapeken and Raas Sumenep Islands. As an effort to build local universities, UMM also took STKIP PGRI Sumenep. Two islands that become pilot is Pagerungan Kecil Island and Sadulang Besar Island.

UMM's IbW-CSR team leader, Drs Nurwidodo Mkes, explained that based on the observation and research result by UMM Biology Faculty of Study Center (UMM) team, Faculty of Biology UMM, facilitated by Migas-KEI Special Unit (SKK) revealed that the area save the very large marine and coastal potential.

"Unfortunately, the parties that should have a potential development policy, such as local government, do not yet recognize to the potential. The people of Sapeken Islands are getting left behind by the lack of attention," Nurwidodo said.

"Considering the trend of catching the sea that is over, fish catching with chemicals and fish bombs, and destruction of fish habitat, the community assistance to cultivate seaweed as well as process post-harvest is a form of green economy," he explained.

Similarly, Dr. Abdulkadir Rahardjanto, M.Si., UMM environmental expert who is also a member of UMM IbW-CSR team revealed that during this time, several islands communities began to cultivate seaweed. People who usually catch sharks, hunt turtles, and catch fish with potassium and bombs start to change their habits.

"UMM's concern is remarkable. People are beginning to feel positive. Various trainings and awareness have been made. UMM also provides a seaweed processing tool into flour and a tool for making seaweed snacks, at a cost of up to ninety million rupiah," said Mr. Hanip Suprapto, Manager of Public Affairs of KEI. (ard)



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