UMM, the First Campus for FFI Appreciation

Author : Humas | Monday, January 18, 2010 10:42 WIB


            Two committees of Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) were present on the campus of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Monday (12/21). They were cinematographers Alex Sihar and Labes Widar. Both were invited by photography-interested student organization Kine Club of UMM to watch and give an appreciation to eight short films made by new members of Kine Club.


            The golden opportunity was used by those two filmmakers to motivate the participants who are mostly beginners in cinematography. Labes Widar even interested in UMM as a first campus for road show of 2009 FFI result before other campuses in Indonesia, such as UI, UGM and other campuses. "From this campus, we want that appreciation on Indonesian films would thrive by producing creative indie movies," said Labes.

            Furthermore, in the previous years, FFI appreciation took place in movie theaters. Apparently, the results were less satisfactory because it was less interactive and the audiences were also less critical. At UMM, on the same day, screening of one of FFI winners, a film entitled Ruma Maida which was lifted from a novel by Ayu Utami which got positive response from students. Previously, last month, UMM also screened movie Identitas (Identity) and discussed with producer Deddy Mizwar and director Aria Kusumadewa. "On the campuses, film discussions are quite lively," continued Labes.

            Meanwhile, being asked about the film by students, Labes said, the strong and fresh ideas characterize young filmmakers, but there is a shift in values especially when entering the global era. Young people are lack of cinematography studies. The man from Jember gave an example, the higher the technology develops, the easier to make movies. "This causes low quality of cinematography," said Labes.

           Labes pointed out, the documentary movies are full of factual and actual values. The making requires research both of routine or not routine life somewhere. For example, film "Ayam Mati di Lumbung Padi/Chicken Died in Rice Barn" was the best longest documentary film. It required research of life in Blora in which it is oil producer. Filmmakers must understand the routine activities carried out; when time to bathe is, to cook is, to work is, etc.

           The birth of film community, he argued, became a milestone in the birth of new work. Film is a combination of the picture and sound, but the pictures should speak without a voice, and it sometimes is forgotten.

            UMM Kine Club coach, Dr. Arif Budi Wurianto, hoped the existence of Kine Club would be maintained by holding such kind of events. Not just being an event organizer, this organization was also expected to born young cinematographers for the future of Indonesian film industry. (t_alf)

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