UMM Wins Regional Fire-Fighting Robotic Competition

Author : Humas | Friday, May 26, 2017 09:18 WIB


The UMM robotic team with other robot teams.

AFTER winning at the international robot contest in the United States last April, Currently, the Dome Robotics Team of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won the 2017 Indonesia’s Robot Contest regional level. On this annual event, the UMM Dome Robotics Team won the category of Indonesia Fire Fithting Robot Competition (KRPAI). In just 14.79 seconds a robot named Dome UMM succeeded completing its mission, which extinguished the fire in the race area.

Located at Brawijaya University, UMM competed 34 universities from East Java, Bali and Papua. In the KRPAI category, robots have a mission to find and extinguish the candle flame automatically without being controlled by humans. The area that became a dummy field like interior of a house, while the candle and the starting line of the robot was determined by the judges. "The robot belonging to the UMM Dome team has a very fast speed, so we can fire the blaze accurately," said the UMM Dome Team Adviser Khusnul Hidayat.

In that competition, which held on May 6, 2017, the UMM Dome Team was represented by 4 students namely Imam Hanafi, Abdul Syukron, Alfan Ahmadillah Fauzi, and Rokhmansyah. Those fours are students of Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering (FT) UMM.

According to Khusnul, the robot also used a UVTRON-R9454 flame sensor that very well to detects fire and light. Khusnul explained, this sensor only captures Ultra Violet (UV) light with 185 millimeters to 260 millimeters spectrum range. The range was only owned by flame gas, meaning that the robot will not be failed to detect the candle’s flame. That speed, the Robot Dome UMM could beat various universities in the category. "In fact we scored 12 seconds in the first session to extinguish the fire," he said.

The robot that designed by UMM Robotics Team was equipped with 8 ultrasonic sensors and two infrared sensors as a remote sensor. With those many sensors the UMM robotics team was very easy to know the exact position of candles.

Following to the success of UMM as winner at regional level, the UMM robotics team will continue it at the national level. The regional competition that have been done provides many evaluations that will be improved by the team in the next day. By July 8, 2017, the UMM Dome Team will compete with the Indonesian university at the Indonesia Education University (UPI) in Bandung. "We are studying all the advantages of other teams to evaluate and improve it, following the upcoming national level competition," Khusnul said. (Jal / Han / Naz)



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